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This is my newest pneumatic. Finally I have a piston valve to call my own. This is the valve that I have been working on that is very easy to make. Anyone who has ever glued pvc together can make this valve. It looks a little odd, but I wasnt trying to make it look good. All I wanted was a valve that performs great and is easy to build. By these standards, this valve is perfect.

LEFT: Here is a close up of my valve. It sticks out a lot in the back because I chose not to use a 3" male plug and drill and thread the holes. Like I said, I wanted it to be buildable with as few tools as possible. Since I dont have a tap, I found this way to be a lot easier......RIGHT: A little sick humor. Thats my cat in the top right corner.

UPDATE: This valve never worked. The reason is that half way through building it, I gave up. I just didn't like the way it was turning out. This is my fourth failed attempt at a piston valve. Oh well, I'll just have to keep trying.

This is pretty much a copy of Joel's Mega-Launcher, but using my sprinkler valves instead. Don't let the sprinkler valves and 1 in. pvc fool you, this gun puts a baseball through 1/2 in. plywood everytime, like it's not even there. This gun also has a 1.5 in. barrel and a 2.5 in. barrel.

UPDATE: I have recently built a piston valve that works perfectly. It's 3 inches in, and 2 inches out. When I get around to building another one (hopefully very soon), the two will be teamed up to replace the tired sprinkler valves currently used on this gun. Let the devistation begin! One of the first things i will shoot to pieces is the tree that is varly visible in the left picture above. Its full of termites and has to go. If I cant shoot out the base, at least it will be fun trying.

This is my first pneumatic gun. I know now that ball valves are pretty much worthless, but this gun, at 120 psi, still outshoots my basic abs combustion gun with hairspray.

This is the sprinkler valve I modified to get more power. I didn't want to spend $200 on supah valves from so I tried to make a valve that would be very powerfull and inexpensive. By no means is it as powerful as a supah valve but in compairison to an ordanary sprinkler valve, it adds a lot of power. Air flow is still restricked but the speed at which the valve opens is greatly increased which is what gives it the extra power.

This used to be a 4 ft. x 8 ft. sheet of plywood, but after shooting it a few times with my big cannon, this is all that's left.

Well after at least 6 months of not building any guns, I finally got around to throwing one together. Holloween is coming and I wanted something to terrorize the children in my neighborhood. Im too old to go trick-or-treating so I find joy in passing out candy and scaring the kids who come to my house for a treat. This little gun is my newest scare tactic. As of now (10/7/04) its not completely done. I plan to make this one electricly actuated (a first for me). It will have a constant air supply coming from my 15 gallon air compressor that will hook to it via a quick disconnect in the back. I plan to run about 20 feet of wires from the gun to the trigger button so that I can fire the gun and be nowhere near it. I wont use any ammo in it. As kids walk past the shubs near the walk way that leads to my door they are going to get a quick, noisy, burst of air fired at them. It should really give the little ones a fright. I also plan to paint it all black so it cant be seen as easily. The chamber to barrel ratio shown is estimated at 2.25:1 more then enough air.

My first paintball gun. Its semi-auto and first about 2-3 shots a second. Not bad for about $20 worth of parts. The hopper is no glued in and can easily be replaced with a larger one.