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Here is a listing of all 136 of Sousa's marches, with sound clips!  Also listed are his operettas as well as other compositions and arrangements.

Many pieces below have sound files linked to them:

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Marches (136)

Operettas (15)

  • The American Maid (The Glass Blowers) (1909) Libretto by Leonard Leibling.
  • The Bride Elect (1897) Originally called The Wolf (1888). 3 acts, first produced at the Knickerbocker Theater, New Haven, 12/28/1897.
  • El Capitan (1895) Libretto by Charles Klein and Tom Frost. 3 acts, first produced at the Lyric Theater, New York, 7/10/1897.
  • The Charlatan (The Mystical Miss) (1898) Book by Charles Klein. 3 acts, first produced in Montreal, 8/29/1898. Produced in England as The Mystical Miss.
  • Chris and the Wonderful Lamp (1899)
  • Desiree (1893) Libretto by Edward M. Taber and John Maddison Morton. 2 acts, first produced in Washington, D.C.
  • The Devil's Deputy (unfinished) (1893)
  • Florine (unfinished) (1881)
  • The Free Lance (1905) Book by Harry Bache Smith. Comic opera in 2 acts.
  • The Irish Dragoon (1913)
  • Katherine (1879) Book by W.S. Gance and Sousa. 3 acts.
  • The Queen of Hearts (1885) Libretto by E.W. Faber One act, first produced in Washington, D.C.
  • The Smugglers (1882) Libretto rev. by Wilson Vance. Comic opera in two acts.
  • The Victory (unfinished) (1915)
  • The Wolf (1888)

Suites (11)

  • At the King's Court (1904)
    I. "Her Ladyship, the Countess"
    II. "Her Grace, the Duchess"
    III. "Her Majesty, the Queen"
  • Camera Studies (1920)
  • Cubaland (1925)
    I. "Under the Spanish Flag"
    II. "Under the American Flag"
    III. "Under the Cuban Flag"
  • Dwellers of the Western World (1910)
    I. "The Red Man"
    II. "The White Man"
    III. "The Black Man"
  • Impressions at the Movies (1922)
    I. "The Serenaders"
    II. "The Crafty Villain and the Timid Maid"
    III. "Balance All and Swing Partners"
  • The Last Days of Pompeii (1893)
    I. "In the House of Burbo and Stratonice"
    II. "Nydia (Nydia the Blind Girl)"
    III. "The Destruction (The Destruction of Pompeii and Nydia's Death)"
  • Leaves from My Notebook (1922)
    I. "The Genial Hostess"
    II. "The Campfire Girls"
    III. "The Lively Flapper"
  • Looking Upward (1902)
    I. "By the Light of the Polar Star"
    II. "Beneath the Southern Cross"
    III. "Mars and Venus"
  • People Who Live in Glass Houses (1909)
  • Tales of a Traveler (1911)
    I. "The Kaffir on the Karoo"
    II. "In the Land of the Golden Fleece"
    III. "Grand Promenade at the White House" (a.k.a. "New Year's Reception at the White House", "Grand Festival March")
    III(A). "Easter Monday on the White House Lawn" (replaces 'Grand Promenade' in 1928)
  • Three Quotations (1895)
    I. "The King of France with Twenty-Thousand men/Marched up the hill, and then down again."
    II. "I, Too, Was Born in Arcadia"
    III. "In Darkest Africa"

Descriptive Pieces (2)

  • The Chariot Race (1890)
  • Sheridan's Ride (1891)

Songs (70)

  • Ah Me! (poem by Emma M. Swallow) (Opus 29) (1876)
  • Annabel Lee (poem by Edgar Allan Poe) (1931)
  • The Belle of Bayou Teche (poem by 0. E. Lynne) (1911)
  • Blue Ridge, I'm Coming Back to You (words by John Philip Sousa) (1917)
  • Boots (poem by Rudyard Kipling) (1916)
  • Come Laugh and Be Merry (words by ?) (1916)
  • Crossing the Bar (poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson) (1926)
  • Day and Night (words by Emma M. Swallow) (1873)
  • 'Deed I Has to Laugh (words by John Philip Sousa) (1877)
  • Do We? We Do (words by John Philip Sousa) (1889)
  • Fall Tenderly, Roses (words by John Philip Sousa) (probably late 1860s)
  • The Fighting Race (poem by J. I. C. Clarke) (1919)
  • Forever and a Day (words by Irving Bibo and John Philip Sousa) (1927)
  • The Free Lunch Cadets (words by John Philip Sousa) (1877)
  • Hoping (poem by Jefferson H. Nones) (Opus 39) (1877)
  • I Love Jim (words by Helen Sousa Abert) (circa 1916)
  • I Wonder (words by Edward M. Taber) (1888)
  • In Flanders Fields the Poppies Grow (poem by John D. McCrae) (1918)
  • It Was Really Very Fortunate for Me (words by Charles Brown) (1913)
  • It's a Thing We Are Apt to Forget (words by John Philip Sousa) (1900 or after)
  • I've Made My Plans for the Summer (words by John Philip Sousa) (1907)
  • The Journal (words by John Philip Sousa) (1924)
  • Lonely (poem by Jefferson H. Nones) (Opus 32) (1877)
  • Love Me Little, Love Me Long (words by John Philip Sousa) (Opus 37) (1877)
  • Love That Comes When May-Roses Blow (words by John Philip Sousa) (1889)
  • The Love That Lives Forever (words by George P. Wallihan) (1917)
  • Lovely Mary Donnelly (poem by William Allingbam) (1918)
  • Love's Radiant Hour (words by Helen Boardman Knox) (1928)
  • The Magic Glass (poem by Charles Swain) (Opus 31) (1877)
  • Maid of the Meadow (words by John Philip Sousa) (1897)
  • Mallic (words by J. W. Heysinger) (n. d.)
  • Mavourneen Asthore (words by Albert S. Nones) (1878)
  • The Milkmaid (poem by Austin Dobson) (1914)
  • My Own, My Geraldine (poem by Francis C. Long) (1887)
  • My Sweet Sweetheart (words by Jack Nilpon) (n.d.)
  • Nail the Flag to the Mast (poem by William Russell Frisbie) (1890)
  • O My Country (words by B. Lowlaws) (1874)
  • O Ye Lillies White (poem by Francis C. Long) (1887)
  • Only a Dream (words by Mary A. Denison) (Opus 25) (1876)
  • Only Thee (poem by Charles Swain) (Opus 24) (1876)
  • O'Reilly's Kettledrum (words by Edward M. Taber) (1889)
  • Pretty Patty Honeywood (poem by Cuthbert Bede) (1881)
  • Pushing On (words by Guy F. Lee) (1918)
  • A Rare Old Fellow (poem by Barry Cornwall) (1881)
  • Reveille (poem by Robert J. Burdette) (1890)
  • Sea Nymph (words by B. P. Wilmot) (n.d.)
  • A Serenade in Seville (words by James Francis Cooke) (1924)
  • Smick, Smack, Smuck (words by John Philip Sousa) (1878)
  • The Song of the Dagger (words by John Philip Sousa) (1916)
  • The Song of the Sea (words by Emma M. Swallow) (Opus 27) (1876)
  • Star of Light (poem by Bessie Beach) (1882)
  • Stuffed Stork (words by John Philip Sousa) (1894)
  • Sweet Miss Industry (poem by S. Conant Foster) (1887)
  • Tally-Ho! (poem by Joaquin Miller) (1885)
  • There's a Merry Brown Thrush (poem by Lucy Larcom) (1926)
  • There's Something Mysterious (words by Hunter MacCulloch) (1889)
  • Though Dolly Is Married (words by Burnside) (1918)
  • We Are Coming (poem by Edith Willis Linn) (1918)
  • We'll Follow Where the White Plume Waves (words by Edward M. Taber) (1884)
  • When He Is Near (words by Mary A. Denison) (1880)
  • When the Boys Come Sailing Home! (words by Helen Sousa Abert) (1918)
  • While Navy Ships Are Coaling (poem by Wells Hawks) (1923)
  • Wilt Thou Be True (poem by E. Cook) (1873)
  • The Window Blind (words by Edward M. Taber) (1887)
  • Yale Marching Song (words by Joseph Grant Ewing) (1920)
  • You'll Miss Lots of Fun When You're Married (words by Edward M. Taber) (1890)
  • 2:15 (words by Edward M. Taber) (1889)
  • Untitled song (words by James Adams) (n.d.)
  • Untitled song (words by Emma M. Swallow) (1874)

Other Vocal Works (7)

  • The Last Crusade (ballad) (poem by Anne Higginson Spicer) (1920)
  • The Messiah of Nations (hymn) (poem by James Whitcomb Riley) (1902)
  • Non-Committal Declarations (Vocal trio) (words by John Philip Sousa) (1920)
  • Oh, Why Should the Spirit of Mortal Be Proud? (hymn) (poem by William Knox) (1899)
  • Te Deum in B-Flat (words by John Philip Sousa) (Opus 12) (1874)
  • The Trooping of the Colors (pageant) (1898)
  • We March, We March to Victory (processional hymn) (words by Gerard Moultrie) (1914)
  • Hip Hip Hooray (1915)
  • Matt Morgan's Living Pictures (1876)
  • Our Flirtations (1880)
  • The Phoenix (1875)

Overtures (4)

  • The Lambs' Gambol (1914)
  • Rivals (1877)
  • Tally-Ho! (1886)
  • Vautour (Sans Souci) (1886)

Concert Pieces (2)

  • The Summer Girl (1901)
  • Willow Blossoms (1916)

Instrumental Solos (4)

  • An Album Leaf (violin) (circa 1863)
  • Belle Mahone (saxophone) (1885)
  • Nymphalin (violin) (1880)
  • La Reine d'Amour (cornet) (1879)

Trumpet and Drum Pieces (12)

Arrangements and Transcriptions (322)

  • Classical works - 69
  • Operetta orchestrations - 6
  • Opera and operetta arrangements for piano - 15
  • Various dance forms - 16
  • Songs - 54
  • Instrumental solos or ensembles - 119
  • Marches - 11
  • Miscellaneous compositions - 32

Source: John Philip Sousa - American Phenomenon by Paul Bierley
MIDI files sequenced by Woody Higginbotham
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