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The Franca Camiz Memorial Field Seminar in Art History

Franca Camiz, professor of art history for many years at TC/RC, single-handedly immersed countless students in Roman art and life in her fast-paced course, The City of Rome. We honor her memory with a special intensive course (seminar and fieldwork) with guided research at fine art institutes in Rome. Valentino Pace, a distinguished art historian who has taught at TC/RC since 1976, leads this exceptional opportunity for students interested in the art historian’s craft.

Research Seminar in Art History (ROME 350)

An introduction to research in art history. Topics may be drawn from Late Antique, Early Christian, Byzantine, and Medieval art in Rome. The seminar is supplemented by guided research in Rome, where students will examine firsthand major works of art from the Christianization of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance. Students have access to several fine art-history institutes in Rome where research may be conducted in English. Prerequisite: a course in art history.

Enrollment is limited to 12 students.

Valentino Pace (1.5 course credits = 5 semester hours)

Camiz Program students examine the early ninth-century
Reliquary of the True Cross at the Vatican Museums Art Conservation Laboratory.