The North Carolina
Integrative Medical Society

830 Hendersonville Rd. Ste 2
Asheville, NC   28803
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Our Position

Who We Are...

The North Carolina Integrative Medical Society (NCIMS) is comprised of dedicated and professional physicians deeply committed to the profession of healing, regardless of the oppression that we encounter or the consequences to us personally for staying true to our calling.

What We Do...

  • Is a viable opportunity for doctors to join a group of like-minded physicians who have recognized that the traditional methods of medicine are lacking. We consider ourselves the "natural option", if you will.

  • Offers valuable educational opportunities to our fellow physicians and potential patients.

  • Helps standardize the methods of practice among the various types of non-conventional doctors.

  • Assists physicians in protecting themselves against being singled out just because they chose to practice and offer an alternative healthcare option to patients.

  • Provides a forum for our members to stay connected and share items of mutual interest.

  • Is a valuable public resource on issues such as malpractice, heavy metal toxicity, and other pertinent health care topics.

Watch NCIMS member doctors on UNC-TV Healthwise:

Complementery and Alternative Medicine. NCIMS member panelists John Pittman M.D, Elizabeth Vaughan M.D., Sharon Willingham M.D., Jane Garcia M.D. and other members of the integrative medical community "examine the growing industry of alternative and complementary medicine in the state to expose why so many Tar Heels are now seeking therapies outside conventional medicine modalities.
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Mercury is one of the most poisonous elements known to man and we are exposed to it in small quantities on a daily basis.
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Integrative Medicine is a combination of mainstream medical practices and alternative medicine.
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Our efforts toward maintaining and protecting the civil protections for practicing physicians in North Carolina are just beginning.
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