Denver Water: An Overview

Accurate as of January 3, 2008

The Denver Water Mission

Denver Water will provide our customers with high quality water and excellent service through responsible and creative stewardship of the assets we manage. We will do this with a productive and diverse work force. We will actively participate in and be a responsible member of the water community.



Service Area

Water Rates & Fees


Distribution System


Reservoir Acre Feet of Storage % of Total Storage
Dillon 254,036 45
Eleven Mile Canyon 97,779 17
Cheesman 79,064 14
Gross 41,811 7
Chatfield 27,428 5
Antero 20,015 4
Marston 19,796 4
Ralston 10,749 2
Strontia Springs 7,863 1
Long Lakes 1,787 .3
Platte Canyon 910 .2
Soda Lakes 645 .1
Williams Fork 96,822 Provides exchange water to meet downstream senior water rights requirements.
Wolford Mountain 25,610 Lease agreement with the Colorado River Water Conservation District for exchange water.


Water Treatment Plants

Treatment Plant Capacity
Marston 250 million gallons per day
Moffat 185 million gallons per day
Foothills 280 million gallons per day

Recycle Treatment Plant

Recycle Treatment Plant Capacity
Commerce City Phase I: Up to 30 million gallons per day

Water Use

* Acre foot is a volume of water equal to one foot in depth covering an area of one acre or approximately 325,851 gallons.