Sunday, May 25, 2008

"From:; To:" by Charles D. Phillips from Toasted Cheese

"From:; To:" by Charles D. Phillips from Toasted Cheese is a plain spoke, realistic story set in an Internet instant messenger. This "overheard" conversation is told in third person with no advertised narrator. The story starts with the woman asking the man to tell her something "that might weird [her] out." The majority of the story is then the man rambling on, first about his cat, then how it would be okay if she rejected him. In the end, he realizes she has left, but tries to save himself by saying the "last part was a joke."

I liked this story because it was different, yet quite relatable. Many people have looked for love on the Internet, through various chats and message boards. This story manages to put a new twist on the usual happenings. The man makes a fool of himself and doesn't see what it is (which I suppose is quite normal). But the narrator lets us, the readers, see where his mistake is. It is quite funny, and a nice, light read.

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