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Doing business

Suitable and safe conditions has been set up for doing business in the Czech Republic. The trade business and business of big corporations has developed very well. The stability and sustainable development is promoted with non-profit organizations.
  • The Czech accounting system for legal entities is based on the principle of double-entry accounting, which is consistent with the accounting systems of other European countries


    Accounting is an important component for private business, serving tax purposes and giving vital information about the property and employment status of businesses. Accounting norms are gradually being affected by regulations valid in the European Union, a trend which will deepen European cooperation and encourage companies to enter foreign markets. The Accounting Union of the Czech Republic is responsible for harmonizing conditions in the Czech Republic with those of the European Union as well as educating accountants about new regulations.

  • Unlike private companies, the main criteria is not financial profit, but the ability to perform a public-utility activity.

    Non-governmental and non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic

    What are non-governmental non-profit making organizations (NNO) in the Czech Republic?

  • The act defines business activities as continuous activities carried out independently, under one’s own name and at one’s own responsibility to achieve a profit and under the conditions stipulated by this act.

    Sole Proprietorship

    Basic information about sole trading in the Czech Republic. 

  • There are two main possibilities of enterprise in the Czech Republic: as a physical person or as a corporate body.

    Enterprise forms by law

    Basic information about single forms of enterprise according to Czech law.


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