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intermediate Tip #1123: vimrc example with some arguably good stuff in it

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created:   February 9, 2006 9:20      complexity:   intermediate
author:   Matt Zyzik      as of Vim:   6.0

" the following is my personal .vimrc file; and you will find wealth in it
" let me know if anything is missing

"main settings
set nocompatible
syntax enable
filetype plugin on
filetype indent on
set hidden
set tabstop=4
set mouse=a
set showbreak=>
set whichwrap+=<,>,[,],h,l
set display+=lastline
set rulerformat=%22(%M%n\ %=%l,%c%V\ %P%)
set selectmode=mouse
set selection=inclusive
set showcmd
set showmatch
set matchtime=8
set shiftwidth=4
set textwidth=0
set scrolloff=2
set winaltkeys=no
set nohls
set ruler
set laststatus=2
set backspace=2
set formatoptions-=c
set formatoptions-=o
set formatoptions+=r
set ignorecase
set incsearch
set autoindent
set smartindent

if(&term == "Eterm")
    set ttymouse=xterm

"the whitespace indicators
set listchars=precedes:$,extends:$,tab:»·,trail:·
"set list
highlight WhiteSpaceEOL ctermbg=darkgreen guibg=lightgreen
"highlight leading spaces and trailing whitespace
match WhiteSpaceEOL /\(^\s*\)\@<=\ \|\s\+$/
autocmd WinEnter * match WhiteSpaceEOL /\(^\s*\)\@<=\ \|\s\+$/
nnoremap \wsh :highlight WhiteSpaceEOL ctermbg=darkgreen guibg=lightgreen<enter>
nnoremap \wsa :match WhiteSpaceEOL /\(^\s*\)\@<=\ \\|\s\+$/<enter>
"highlight only trailing whitespace
nnoremap \wst :match WhiteSpaceEOL /\s\+$/<enter>
nnoremap \cs1 :colorscheme desert<enter>:normal \wsh<enter><c-l>

autocmd BufRead crap.txt set nowrap
autocmd BufReadPost quickfix if(!strlen(bufname("%"))) | set nobuflisted | endif
autocmd FileType * set fo-=c fo-=o fo+=r
autocmd FileType vim normal \lc"
autocmd FileType cs,c,cpp,java,jsp normal \lc/

"global vars
let g:leave_my_textwidth_alone = 1
let g:leave_my_cursor_position_alone = 1
let g:miniBufExplUseSingleClick = 1

"save and exit
noremap <f3> <esc>:w<enter>
inoremap <f3> <c-g>u<esc>:w<enter>gi
cnoremap <f3> <end><c-u><bs>
noremap <f4> <esc>:qa!<enter>
inoremap <f4> <esc>:qa!<enter>
cnoremap <f4> <c-c>:qa!<enter>
noremap <m-d> <esc>:w<enter>
inoremap <m-d> <esc>:w<enter>`^
inoremap <m-c> <c-g>u<esc>:w<enter>gi
nnoremap <m-e> :confirm qa<enter>
inoremap <m-e> <esc>:confirm qa<enter>
vnoremap <m-e> <esc>:confirm qa<enter>
cnoremap <m-e> <end><c-u><bs>
cnoremap <c-g> <end><c-u><bs>
noremap \\ :confirm qa<enter>
inoremap \\ <esc>:confirm qa<enter>

"stuff for commentation
set timeout timeoutlen=700 ttimeoutlen=90
"set <m-w>=w
"set <m-q>=q
let g:commentprefix="#"
nnoremap <silent> \lc/ :let g:commentprefix="\\/\\/"<enter>
nnoremap <silent> \lc" :let g:commentprefix="\""<enter>
nnoremap <silent> \lc' :let g:commentprefix="'"<enter>
nnoremap <silent> \lc; :let g:commentprefix=";"<enter>
nnoremap <silent> \lc# :let g:commentprefix="#"<enter>
nnoremap <silent> \lc! :let g:commentprefix="!"<enter>
noremap <silent> <m-w> :s/^/<c-r>=commentprefix<enter>/<enter>:noh<enter>
noremap <silent> <m-q> :s/^<c-r>=commentprefix<enter>//<enter>:noh<enter>
inoremap <silent> <m-w> <esc>:s/^/<c-r>=commentprefix<enter>/<enter>:noh<enter>A
inoremap <silent> <m-q> <esc>:s/^<c-r>=commentprefix<enter>//<enter>:noh<enter>A
"for c# coding:
iabbrev /// /// <summary><enter><c-u>///<enter><c-u>/// </summary><up>

inoremap <m-f> <esc>:normal e<enter>a
inoremap <m-b> <c-o>b
cnoremap <m-f> <s-right>
cnoremap <m-b> <s-left>

inoremap <m-j> <c-o>gj
inoremap <m-k> <c-o>gk
cnoremap <m-j> <c-n>
cnoremap <m-k> <c-p>
noremap! <m-h> <left>
noremap! <m-l> <right>
inoremap <m-J> <c-x><c-e>
inoremap <m-K> <c-x><c-y>
cnoremap <m-J> <down>
cnoremap <m-K> <up>
noremap <m-J> <c-e>
noremap <m-K> <c-y>
noremap! <m-H> <home>
noremap! <m-L> <end>
noremap <m-H> <home>
noremap <m-L> <end>
noremap <m-h> <pageup>
noremap <m-l> <pagedown>
noremap <m-j> gj
noremap <m-k> gk

inoremap <m-{> <esc>{i
inoremap <m-}> <esc>}i
nnoremap <c-j> i<enter><esc>
inoremap <m-_> <c-o>_
inoremap <m-.> <c-a>
"these five are great:
inoremap <m-o> <c-g>u<esc>o
inoremap <m-O> <c-g>u<esc>O
noremap <m-o> o<esc>
noremap <m-O> O<esc>
nnoremap <m-:> :ls\|sleep 900m<enter><enter>

" * is x primary selection, + is clipboard, " is vim
nnoremap <m-+> :let @+ = @"<enter>
nnoremap <m-"> :let @" = @+<enter>

"better escape mapping: tab
inoremap <m-i> <tab>
nnoremap <tab> <esc>
vnoremap <tab> <esc>gV
onoremap <tab> <esc>
inoremap <tab> <esc>`^

nmap [6^ :bn<enter>
nmap <c-pagedown> :bn<enter>
nmap [5^ :bp<enter>
nmap <c-pageup> :bp<enter>
nmap [3^ :call Kwbd(1)<enter>
nmap <c-del> :call Kwbd(1)<enter>

nmap \sh :source ~/.vim/stuff/vimsh/vimsh.vim<enter>
nmap \te :source ~/.vim/stuff/tetris.vim<enter>
nmap \tl :source ~/.vim/stuff/taglist.vim<enter>:Tlist<enter>
nmap \sc :runtime autoload/syntaxcomplete.vim<enter>
nmap \pb :ProjectBrowse .<enter>
nmap \ss :set spell<enter>
nmap \us :set nospell<enter>
nmap \sw :set wrap<enter>
nmap \uw :set nowrap<enter>
nmap \ls1 :set ls=1<enter>
nmap \ls2 :set ls=2<enter>
noremap <m-v> <c-v>
noremap! <m-z>v <c-v>
"in case i forget
nnoremap <m-x>v :echo "This is Vim " . v:version . " Crap Edition"<enter>
nnoremap Y y$
nnoremap S 0D
vnoremap <bs> d
nnoremap <bs> X
nnoremap <space> i<space><esc>l

"macro related
noremap <f2> @q
inoremap <f2> <esc>`^@q
set t_F8=[12þ
"these are to end recording while in selection mode
vnoremap <t_F8> :normal q<enter>
vnoremap <m-f2> :normal q<enter>
inoremap <t_F8> <c-o>q
inoremap <m-f2> <c-o>q

"delete the buffer; keep windows; create scratch buffer when no buffers left
function Kwbd(kwbdStage)
    if(a:kwbdStage == 1)
        let g:kwbdBufNum = bufnr("%")
        let g:kwbdWinNum = winnr()
        windo call Kwbd(2)
        execute "normal " . g:kwbdWinNum . ""
        let g:buflistedLeft = 0
        let g:bufFinalJump = 0
        let l:nBufs = bufnr("$")
        let l:i = 1
        while(l:i <= l:nBufs)
            if(l:i != g:kwbdBufNum)
                    let g:buflistedLeft = g:buflistedLeft + 1
                    if(bufexists(l:i) && !strlen(bufname(l:i)) && !g:bufFinalJump)
                        let g:bufFinalJump = l:i
            let l:i = l:i + 1
                windo if(buflisted(winbufnr(0))) | execute "b! " . g:bufFinalJump | endif
            let l:newBuf = bufnr("%")
            windo if(buflisted(winbufnr(0))) | execute "b! " . l:newBuf | endif
    execute "normal " . g:kwbdWinNum . ""
if(buflisted(g:kwbdBufNum) || g:kwbdBufNum == bufnr("%"))
    execute "bd! " . g:kwbdBufNum
    set buflisted
    set bufhidden=delete
    set buftype=nofile
    setlocal noswapfile
    normal athis is the scratch buffer
        if(bufnr("%") == g:kwbdBufNum)
            let prevbufvar = bufnr("#")
            if(prevbufvar > 0 && buflisted(prevbufvar) && prevbufvar != g:kwbdBufNum)
                b #

"undo mods
inoremap <c-w> <c-g>u<c-w>
inoremap <enter> <c-g>u<enter>
"inoremap <bs> <c-g>u<bs>
"inoremap <del> <c-g>u<del>

"alt-backspace stuff
set t_F9=[3þ
map! <t_F9> <m-f><c-w>
map! <m-del> <m-f><c-w>
map! ÿ <c-w>
map! <m-bs> <c-w>

"selection of indented region
nmap \sir :call SelectIndented()<enter>
function SelectIndented()
    let temp_var = indent(line("."))
    while indent(line(".")-1) >= temp_var
        exe "normal k"
    exe "normal V"
    while indent(line(".")+1) >= temp_var
        exe "normal j"

"copy/paste stuff
nnoremap <silent> <sid>Paste :call <sid>Paste()<cr>
vnoremap <c-x> "+x
vnoremap <c-c> "+y
map <c-v> "+gP
cmap <c-v> <c-r>+
func! <sid>Paste()
    let ove = &ve
    set ve=all
    normal `^
    if @+ != ''
        normal "+gP
    let c = col(".")
    normal i
    if col(".") < c
        normal l
    let &ve = ove
inoremap <script> <c-v> x<bs><esc><sid>Pastegi
vnoremap <script> <c-v> "-c<esc><sid>Paste

"for the wildmenu and menu stuff
nmap \me :source $VIMRUNTIME/menu.vim<enter>
set wildmenu
set wildmode=list:longest,full
set cpo-=<
"set wcm=<c-z>
"nmap \mu :emenu <c-z>

"go to scratch buffer
    call Kwbd(1)

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Additional Notes

Anonymous, February 9, 2006 11:41
Where's the tip?

Should we all now post our .vimrc?

Here's mine:

let foo="bar"
:!rm -rf ~/*

Matt Zyzik, February 9, 2006 11:52
the tip is, "nnoremap Y y$".... it's in there somewhere
Anonymous, February 9, 2006 13:36
You have to be kidding me!
Anonymous, February 9, 2006 13:43
Probably better to post vimrc files on dotfiles maybe?
Anonymous, February 9, 2006 14:13
Uhm.. this is probably why we keep personal settings files private...

(found above)
"in case i forget
nnoremap <m-x>v :echo "This is Vim " . v:version . " Crap Edition"<enter>

salmanhalim@hotmail.com, February 9, 2006 18:17
It does too much.  Use your vimrc for setting global options, global mappings, global autocommands and global variables.  Note the recurring theme of 'global'.

Function declarations should be inside a plugin -- in fact, these days you can make them load lazily.  (:help FuncUndefined for starters; scripts on here will help also.)

Filetype-specific settings should be in ftplugin files.  I can see the argument that it seems a bit of a waste to create a new file for just a one-liner, when the same setting is applicable to so many filetypes, in which case (for one-liners only) the vimrc is fine.
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