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-Sweden #24
-Finland #50
-Germany #81
-Belgium #81
-Norway #87
-France #101
-Japan #41
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01. March of Mephisto
02. When the Lights Are Down
03. The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)
04. Soul Society
05. Interlude I - Dei Gratia
06. Abandoned
07. This Pain
08. Moonlight
09. Interlude II - Un Assassinio Molto Silenzioso
10. The Black Halo
11. Nothing Ever Dies
12. Memento Mori
13. Interlude III - Midnight/Twelve Tolls for a New Day
14. Serenade

The Haunting (Somewhere in Time) - Edit Version (limited edition bonustrack)
March of Mephisto - Edit Version (limited edition bonustrack)
Epilogue (japanese bonustrack)
Soul Society - Edit Version (japanese bonustrack)


Khan: vocals
Thomas Youngblood: guitars
Glenn Barry: bass
Casey Grillo: drums

All songs written by Kamelot.

Album Info:
Recorded at Gate Studio (Wolfsburg, Germany) June-October 2004.
Drums recorded at Above the C Studios (Tampa, Florida).
Additional recordings at Morrisound Studios (Tampa, Florida) October 2004, Panser Studio (Oslo, Norway) and Mirage Recordings (Elverum, Norway) October 2004.
Released by SPV/Steamhammer.
Produced by Sascha Paeth and Miro.
Executive Producers: Khan and Youngblood.
Mixed and mastered by Sascha Paeth at Pathway Studios, Germany - October 2004.
Engineers: Sascha Paeth, Olaf Reitmeier, Casey Grillo, Phillip Colodetti, Miro, Jim Morris, Bjørn "Barabass" Bergersen and Erik Hornberg.
Interludes mixed by Olaf Reitmeier.
Mastering by Sascha Paeth, Philip Colodetti and Michael Tibes.
Management: KMI Entertainment
Cover art: Derek Gores
Photography: Kimberly Grillo and Arild "Pellix" Holth.
Booklet art & layout: Mattias Norén.

Guest musicians:
Keyboards and orchestral arrangements - Miro
Additional guitars - Sascha Paeth
Keyboards solos on "March of Mephisto" and "When the Lights Are Down" - Jens Johansson
Mephisto character on "March of Mephisto" and "Memento Mori" - Shagrath (Courtesy of Nuclear Blast)
Cabaret singer on "Un Assassinio Molto Silenzioso" - Cinzia Rizzo
Marguerite character on "The Haunting" - Simone Simons (Courtesy of Transmission Records)
The Usher at the Theater and Mayor of Gatesville - Geoff Rudd
Helena character on "Memento Mori" and "Abandoned" - Mari
Baby Alena on "Soul Society" - Annelise Youngblood
D-bass on "Abandoned" - Andre Neygenfind
Oboe on "Memento Mori" - Wolfgang Dietrich
Rodenberg Symphony Orchestra
Kamelot Choir: Herbie Langhans, Amanda Somerville-Scharf, Michael Rodenberg, Gerit Göbel, Thomas Rettke and Elisabeth Kjaernes


Album of the Month
| Burrn! Magazine (Japan)
5/6 points - Buy or Die | Metal Invader Webzine (Greece)
-"Somebody please stop me from praising this record, cause I might go on and write a book"
11/12 points | Heavy Oder Was?! Magazine (Germany)
9/10 points | Metal Heart Magazine (Germany)
9/10 points | Imhotep Zine (Norway)
6/6 points | Monster Magazine (Norway)
9.75/10 points | RafaBasa.com (Spain)
9.5/10 points | Tartarean Desire Webzine (Sweden)
-"-The Black Halo- marks the highlight of their career so far without any doubt”
5+/5points | The Metal Crypt
9/10 points | Metal Covenant Webzine
9/10 points | Metaluk.com Online Music Magazine (United Kingdom)
-"Kamelot getting back on track towards being one of our best and most influential metal acts"

9/10 points | Shock! Rockmagazin (Hungary)
9/10 points | Capitale du Metal (Canada)
91/100 points | Castle of Pagan (Japan)
95/100 points | Lords of Metal (The Netherlands)
6/6 points - Record of the Month | Scream Magazine (Norway)
4/5 points | The Metal Temple Webzine
10/10 points | Rock Eyez Webzine (USA)
-"Kamelot have composed a masterpiece that must be heard!"

9/10 points | Les Acteurs de l'Ombre (France)
Album of the Month | RevelationZ (Denmark)
10/10 points | DarkScene Metal (Austria)
The Temple of Metal (Greece)
-"Simply one of the best albums of 2005 (or more?)"

9/10 points | Blabbermouth.net (USA)
9.5/10 points | Metal Storm Webzine (Estonia)
-"Kamelot is not only the name of the castle of a famous legendary King... this is also now, the name of the Kings of Power Metal…"

Sounds2Move.de (Germany)
-"The Black Halo um einiges düsterer, aber auch noch einen Tick durchdachter!..."

9/10 points | Hardrock Haven
-"Kamelot delivers the album of the year!"

10/10 points - Album of the Month | Loud Magazine (Portugal)
10/10 points | MariskalRock.com (Spain)
-"Una matrícula de honor para una banda que a este ritmo va a acabar desbancando a más de uno"
6/6 points | Metallerium.com (Peru)
9/10 points | EUTK (Italy)
94/100 points | Metal Reviews
9.3/10 points | Ultimate Metal Reviews
6/6 points | Varden Newspaper (Norway)
9.5/10 points | The Metal Observer (Germany)
9/10 points | Maximum Rock Magazin (Romania)
10/10 points | Melodic Journey (Germany)
10/10 points | Away-Team.com (USA)
4/4 points | Rough Edge (USA)
9/10 points | Metal Perspective (Greece)
10/10 points | Rock Heavy Loud (Portugal)
6/6 points | MetalReview.com (USA)


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