67   "Adam Raised a Cain"
Bruce Springsteen (1978)

Before he was known as a songwriter, Springsteen was the fastest guitar player in Asbury Park. And in this bluesy hard-rock blast, he lets those chops loose again, pushing the E Street Band to garage-land with the angriest lead guitar on record.

"Adam Raised a Cain" from Darkness on the Edge of Town (Columbia)

Bruce Springsteen performing "Adam Raised a Cain" live

68   "The Thrill is Gone"
B.B. King (1958)

Two decades into his recording career, King scored his biggest hit with this Roy Hawkins cover by adding strings and softening up everything but the slashing thrust of his Gibson guitar, "Lucille." The result: a portrait of romantic despair that drips blood from every razor-thin line.

"The Thrill is Gone" from Completely Well (MCA)

B.B. King performing "The Thrill is Gone" live

69   "Money"
Pink Floyd (1958)

David Gilmour hangs back for the first three minutes of this definitive Floyd rocker, which started as an acoustic blues song in rehearsals. Then the song shifts from a 7/4 stomp into straight time, and he delivers a rampaging freakout, ending up on notes so high most guitars don't even reach them.

"Money" from Dark Side of the Moon (Capitol)

Pink Floyd performing "Money" live in 1989


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