Note: Please use v 1.22 or greater for Red Baron 3D, I recommend 1.40 or later.

Setting up dgVoodoo for Red Baron 3D

updated 1 Sept 2005

Step by step...

After downloading dgVoodoo, unzip just two files from it (glide2x.dll and  dgVoodooSetup.exe) to your RedBaron3D folder.
Don't unzip the other files - this avoids any confusion later!

Then from the RedBaron3D folder, find and double click on dgVoodoosetup.

These settings are all important for Red Baron 3D:

1. On the first Global settings page, choose 32 Bit under Screen bit depth (try 16 bit if you have slow performance issues but only after trying everything else as this impacts on image quality and AA filtering etc if you use it).

2. Then click on the Glide tab to set the options as per the right hand side of the picture shown.

3. Select Use Hardware cache buffers when possible.

4. Select  Use fastwrite for unmatching formats.

5. Under Texture options select Disable mipmapping too, as it makes the game look much better (stops heavy shimmering effect).

6. Set texture memory to 4096 to stop texture corruption.  Alternatively get hold of DeltaK's graphics corredux file and use a higher number here (see SIMHQ forum thread here for details).

7. Important one for Red Baron 3D is choosing Alpha based for Colorkeying method. UPDATE August 2005: v1.40 allows "Automatic" which seems to work well, so choose automatic now, and if you have problems try Alpha Based.

(Note extra optional settings are marked with a blue dot. Also if you have an ATI card select Emulate W-buffering (green dot) or if NVidia card then choose Enable W-buffering (see the green dot area).   UPDATE August 2005: v1.40: this is now automatic so again leave the option blank for the moment, if you have problems try enabling it).

(Screenshots are from 1.40)

Extra visual or performance tips:

Optionally if you have a good high specification graphics card, you can also use Anti Aliasing filtering and Anisotropic filtering to make it look great.  On the Direct3D settings for your graphics card right click on your desktop, Display Properties, Advanced, then find your Direct3D settings.  You can set Anti-Aliasing (AA) to 4X or 6X to make Red Baron 3D look fantastic, especially with one of the latest user made modifications  (Mods) installed :). Also setting Anisotropic Filtering (AF) to 8X or 16X will make it smooth the landscape in the distance and further improve shimmering problems. You will probably need a decent graphics card to use these options with acceptable speed, but well worth it if you can. 

With the newer 1.3x and later versions you can also enable "Perfect texture emulation", "Closer to real hardware" etc, basically start with the settings above, and then experiment if you need more fps.

If you have speed problems then use less filtering or none, although I noticed no difference with it on or off with an ATI 9800XT with Red Baron 3D.

Again if you have speed problems with dgVoodoo and RB3D on your system, go back to the Global screen and try using 16bit instead.

NOTE ASUS motherboard users:   if you have problems with the game quitting to desktop when using dgVoodoo and you have an ASUS Athlon 64 motherboard check your BIOS settings for a feature called "cool and quiet".  Try disabling this and try again (Thanks Rens for finding that).

 A BIG THANKS to DEGE for making dgVoodoo and making it compatible with Red Baron 3D!!! 

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