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Charles Noselli,
class of '56

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class of '65

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class of '60

Jorge Casimiro,
class of '72

Michael Gibbons,
class of '58

Charlie Kenny,
class of '59

Don Greeley,
class of '53

In memory of Bishop Dubois High School

Dear Alumnus,

Bishop Dubois High School operated from 1946 with the first graduating class in 1950. As you may or may not know, the last graduating class was the class of 1976.

This web site is in the memory of our school and hope that it will bring as many pleasant thoughts to your mind as it has for me.

If you are interested in meeting your old friends, keep this site in mind and in your internet browser favorites or bookmarks.

With the success of the reunions, this is the official site for Bishop Dubois High School of New York City.

I hope that you find the pictures here interesting and also hope that they offend no one. In any event you can always contact me through the email noted.

In the event that you wish to contribute some pictures for inclusion, please write me.

One last note, please feel free to make any suggestions on improving the content of this site, and if possible simply send me an email whenever you change your email address so that I can update the links page.


Peter A. Bournias

History of Bishop John Dubois

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Rock Guerrero,
Class of '72

Original site started and developed in 1998 by:
Peter Bournias,
Class of '73

The main building & Annex
of Bishop Dubois H.S.
was originally located at:
503 & 505 West 152 nd St.
New York City, N.Y. 10031