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Movie to be filmed at Fairfield next week

Issue date: 5/1/08 Section: Summer Online Update
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Next week AGT Productions will be on campus for the filming of 'All Good Things,' starring Kirsten Dunst ('Spider-Man,'), Ryan Gosling (Oscar-nominated actor for 'Half Nelson,') and Jeffrey Dean Morgan ('Grey's Anatomy'). The director is Andrew Jarecki (Oscar-nominated director of the documentary, 'Capturing the Friedmans'). Michael London (Oscar-nominated producer of 'Sideways') is among the producers. Five locations will be shot on campus and preparations begin tomorrow (Friday, May 23).

Fairfield University has made a commitment to support the State of Connecticut's economic efforts and initiatives to create a "Hollywood East" by collaborating with film production companies who desire to use locations on our campus. Last year the production company for "Oprah Winfrey Presents: For One More Day" was on campus.

A drama/mystery set in the 1980s, the story centers on the scion of a New York real estate dynasty (Gosling) who falls for a beautiful girl (Dunst) from the wrong side of the tracks. But the fairy tale ends when the girl disappears. As a down-and-out detective (Morgan) stumbles on info that may lead to the truth, the political stakes get higher and people close to the case end up dead.

In order to accommodate the shoot, some parking lots will be closed and operations of the office of the Dean of the School of Nursing and Office of Purchasing will be interrupted.
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Zack Rogg-Meltzer

posted 5/29/08 @ 2:04 PM EST

I was on campus for a summer class and they had literally 50 huge trucks and trailers parked near the student center on campus. And one of my friends saw Kirsten Dunst in downtown Fairfield. (Continued…)

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