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This site is an absolutely independent , noncommercial , and nondenominational entity, dedicated to gathering all possible information on the subject of severe Paxil withdrawal. Started in April, 2000 it was created when the problem was virtually unknown amongst medical professional. At that time, no information was present on the Internet.

By now, the severe withdrawal process, that can last anywhere from two to eight weeks, has been well documented in the media and explored in the medical community. It afflicts an unknown percentage of Paxil (also known as Seriate, Aeropax, Apo-paroxetine, Apotex, Pexeva, Deroxat,Paroxetine) users who are either reducing their dosage , have missed taking a few pills, or have stopped taking the drug altogether.

Please note, that it is not the intent of the site to encourage visitors to stop taking the drug. Instead, it exists only to assist users who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
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May 2008 As I am still spending a lot of time re-starting my design company, I have not had the time to answer many emails or work on updating this site. My apologies to all of you who have tried to contact me in the last few months. I have been considering turning this site into a downloadable ebook, or even a print on demand type project. Please let me know if you think that such a move would be helpful to you.

Ideally, this site would benefit from the Web 2.0 treatment, ie, comments, blogs, etc but at this point the finances /time are not in place to do so. I would appreciate any input as to possible improvements. Should a CMS whiz be reading this who would like to donate his/her time , please get in touch with me .

Site updates will resume soon.

Last month, this site became more popular than ever. I have no idea what prompted the rush, nor does it really matter. In any case, I have decided that , given the demand, I will continue publishing and maintaining the site for at least another year. While donations are once again accepted, I would prefer and appreciate any web design business that visitors could throw my way .

Need a distraction from withdrawal?
The Paris Review - an endless supply of excellent interviews, including a fantastic one with Kurt Vonnegu (R.I.P.).
Desktop Tower Defense - a distraction from withdrawal. Every little bit helps

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