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Solar Thermal Power Generation

Solel develops and builds solar fields for large scale power generation.

Case studies:

Longstanding, field proven experience has helped Solel reduce the cost of kWhe produced to competitive levels by renewable market standards.

System Description

Solels technology converts sunshine into useful thermal energy, and subsequently into electricity, by way of parabolic mirrors that concentrate the solar energy onto solar thermal receivers containing a heat transfer fluid. The heat transfer fluid is circulated and heated through the receivers, and the heat is released to a series of heat exchangers to generate super-heated steam. The steam powers a turbine/generator to produce electricity delivered to a utilitys electric grid.

A central computerized tracking facility enables optimal absorption of the suns energy by automatically adjusting the alignment of the parabolic mirrors. From the moment the sun rises until it dips over the horizon, all of its rays are captured and converted into usable energy.

With a back-up of alternative fuels, a solar plant can operate beyond daylight hours.

Diagram of System