Only a little more than two years has elapsed since Ardis Publishers became a division of Peter Mayer Pub Inc., the corporate name of the Overlook Press in Woodstock NY. At the time Overlook took over the management of Ardis most of the important back list books of Ardis were out of print. Since then we have been regularly reprinting the older titles- so that there are now-titles in print. And of course, we have been adding some new titles. We are eager to see these titles used again in Russian studies courses, but we are also thrilled to see them becoming more generally available in bookstore everywhere. We are equally interested to see new manuscripts whether in Russian or in English as candidates for publication by Ardis. These should be sent to the Ardis office, Attn.: Maureen Nagy, the address of which is Ardis Publishers Attn: Maureen Nagy, Care of the Overlook Press, One Overlook Drive, Woodstock NY 12498.

This is an exciting time as Russia culturally seems to be coming out of it’s long shadows. Ardis Publishers is a dedicated publisher of distinguished English language translations and books of cultural interest having to do with Russian history and literature.

Ardis was founded by Carl and Elenndea Proffer in 1971 with a sense of urgency: the goal was to bring the West contemporary writers working in the Soviet Union and to offer American scholars critical editions of the great Russian Literature of the Early twentieth century. Now, some thirty-four years later, we believe more than ever that Ardis has a vital role to play.

The name Ardis comes from the novel Ada by Vladimir Nabokov. In the novel, an estate named Ardis located in a mythical place blending attributes of both Russia and America, a symbol of cultural exchange between two literary traditions. We join with the founders of Ardis, who believed that Alexander Pushkin was right when he said “translation is the post-horse of enlightenment.”