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Jack Leswick
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Jack Leswick
Jack "Newsy" Leswick was the oldest of the three Leswick boys that would go on to put their lives into professional hockey. He was said to always have had "News" to tell, which earned him his nickname.

Born on new year's day, 1910 in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, he first played organized hockey with the Drumheller Miners in 1929 before heading to Duluth to play with the Hornets of the AHA later that same year. Another photo of Jack in an unidentified team uniform can be seen by clicking here.

After three years in Minnesota and a half season in Wichita, Jack got the call to come up to the Chicago Blackhawks, who were now the reigning Stanley Cup champions. Jack played 37 games with the Blackhawks, managing 1 goal and 7 assists. Management was happy with his performance and signed him to one more season before he headed home for the summer of 1934.

With time to kill and money in his pocket, Leswick headed for Canada, stopping in Calgary to visit his sister before heading on to Winnipeg for holidays where he was joined by younger brother Pete, who soon after left for St-Catherines, Ontario, leaving Jack with three roommates at a house they had rented.

Late one Wednesday evening in August, Jack told his roommates he was heading out for a walk. This would be the last time anyone would see Jack before his lifeless body was pulled from the Assiniboine River the following Saturday. Almost immediately foul-play was suspected when it was discovered that certain valuables he was accustomed to carry, including his gold watch from the Blackhawks, were not found with him. The theory was further strengthened when family were unable to locate his Chevrolet Coach automobile. Despite these facts, the police dismissed the case as suicide, stating that he was almost penniless when he went missing and his body showed no signs of violence. Those who knew Jack best protested that his aggressive nature and happy-go-lucky disposition made the suicide theory impossible. His body was identified by fellow Blackhawks Lolo Couture and Leroy Goldsworthy.

No evidence was ever found to support foul play or suicide, and to this day, his death remains a mystery. Jack's body was returned to Saskatoon and is buried in Millbrook cemetery.
Player Facts
  - 1 NHL Season
  - 1 Goal, 7 Assists
 - Born: January 1, 1910
 - Died: August 7, 1934
 - Nickname: Newsy
 - Team: Chicago Blackhawks
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