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May 6, 1998

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  Is a Tree

Don't You Think You've Got Enough? Well, Maybe...

And maybe not... We'll get right to it - the big news is that some additional cities will be added to the current tour schedule! The first added show is in Raleigh, North Carolina and we'll be able to see Pearl Jam on August 31st at the Walnut Creek Amphitheatre. Tickets go on sale June 6th at 10 a.m. The other added shows will be announced as the details are worked out. The Barrie, Ontario show and the Seattle, WA benefit show are both going on sale this weekend. Check in the Tour section for the ticket info and other tour updates.

We'll be seeing a variety of openers this summer and they'll be revealed as time goes on. We like surprises. :) However, this one just couldn't wait. The August 22nd show at Molson Park in Barrie, Ontario will be a special experience with a variety of guests and two stages! Pearl Jamfest? Pearl Jamapalooza? No, it's Pearl Jam and friends! Cheap Trick will be guests of Pearl Jam on the main stage with second stage bands to be announced.

Next up, the polls are in on the most-asked question of 1998 so far. It's not what are the lyrics to Yellow Ledbetter, or when will the home video be out. The winner is... "Where are my tickets?!" what we can tell you is that it's too early to worry and they're being sent out as they're done. any questions about fan club tickets should be sent to the ten club only. their addy is tenclub1@aol.com.

If you didn't get to order tickets or your show was sold out, there's still hope. There's time before the shows yet...people end up with extras and the coolest ones pass them along at face value (unlike scalpers who charge ridiculously high prices). Ask around, post messages, and check out the ticket trader pages. Be positive...and don't give up. We asked about tickets being released the day of a show and they said that it is possible.

The Skins...

You've probably already heard about Jack Irons being absent from the tour this summer due to health reasons. The June issue of Modern Drummer has a very insightful interview with Jack that will answer some of your questions. We've received a lot of concerned e-mail and get well wishes for him; you can send your cards and letters to him at the Ten Club, P.O. Box 4570, Seattle, WA 98104. Get well soon, Jack...we're really going to miss you this summer.

We'd like to add how much we're looking forward to seeing and hearing Matt Cameron, formerly of Soundgarden and Temple of The Dog, who'll be sitting in for Jack on the tour. Matt also played on the original Stone Gossard demos. Hmmmm...with Matt behind the drums, were you thinking Temple of The Dog reunion? When we asked if Soundgarden's Chris Cornell (also TOTD alumni) might be a guest on the tour we got a "hope so." How cool would that be?!


  • The Wishlist single with "U" and including "Brain of J" live from the recent Melbourne show was released on Tuesday, May 5th in the U.S.
  • The Tibetan Freedom Concert is June 13-14 in Washington, D.C. at R.F.K. Stadium. Pearl Jam is scheduled to play on June 14th but nothing is ruled out about something possibly happening on the 13th...
  • If you missed seeing PJ's wonderful performance of Wishlist on the Letterman show, we're sure you'll be able to catch it in a rerun at some time. We'll post any news about it when we hear.
  • Ed's going to sing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" at a Chicago Cubs game to honor Harry Caray. No date has yet been announced but now we have a craving for Cracker Jack again...and peanuts too!

Audio Taping Pearl Jam Shows...

Pearl Jam allows taping of their shows. You may bring a hand-held Walkman-type AUDIO recorder for personal use. The venues will be notified ahead of time. There won't be an exclusive taper's section and most venues do not allow mic stands. Also, venue security will be notified before show time but most are not accustomed to bands allowing taping so if you have any difficulty entering the venue, ask for a Promoter Rep. They know the policy and will assist you.

Rumors, Rumours, Rumors...

PEARL Rumor Compilation: PJ is playing Summerfest, Edge Fest, Austin on July 4th, Eddie is acting in off-Broadway play in May, PJ is recording an EP with Matt Cameron, the home video is finished, Public Enemy is opening for PJ, a 2 CD live album is in the works, a keyboardist/other musicians added to the tour, the Monkey Wrench van will be broadcasting on the tour.
    JAM Fact: No.


Q: I'm being driven mad by people asking me when Pearl Jam are touring the UK. When might they come?
    A: Within a year.

Q: Will Pearl Jam add a show in FL? Please, say when?
    A: Next time, sorry.

Q: I've seen a song titled "All Night" listed on some No Code promotional posters along with all No Code tracks and Black, Red, Yellow. Is there a Pearl Jam song entitled All Night?
    A: Yes.

Q: Is it available anywhere?
    A: No.

Q: Who wrote the music to "Falling Down," the fifth song played in Denver, 1995.
    A: Ed.

Q: Who plays the opening riff on Brain of J?
    A: Mike.

Q: Who does back up vocals on Low Light?
    A: Jeff.

Q: We hope Jack gets well soon! Please send our best wishes. How's he doing?
    A: Fine.

Q: Who designed the artwork for the Maui t-shirts.
    A: Jeff.
[Score: Jeff-2, Jack, Ed, Mike-1, Stone-0. Where are the Stone answers? In the Gear questions! --RP]

Q: Does Pearl Jam think that ticket brokers suck as much as I do? How can they be legal...a store can't sell a can of Pepsi for 10 bucks so why can brokers sell a $23 ticket for over $80?
    A: Good question.

Gear (And Beyond)

The Guru has practically exploded with inspiration from your wonderful questions, providing enlightened and detailed answers.

G1. On Pearl Jam's performance of "Daughter" on Saturday Night Live, what kind of bass is Jeff playing?
    A: For the songs "Daughter", "Glorified G", "Indifference", "Off He Goes", "Around the Bend", "Sometimes", and "Dead Man" - just to name a few - Jeff uses a Carruther's "Sub-1" electric stand-up bass. Just like many other brands of electric stand-up's, the intent of this instrument is to be conveniently portable, maintain the more traditional appearance of an upright bass, and most importantly, recreate the tonality of a full-scale, hollow-bodied upright bass. The Carruther's version does a pretty reasonable job of recreating that tonality, although it certainly isn't 100% like the real thing. However, live or in the studio, it's probably Jeff's favorite bass to play. Jeff does own an older, traditional upright bass - like those seen being used by a jazz bassist - but it isn't practical for use on a P.J. stage..... it would feedback way too much.

G2. Doesn't Stone actually have TWO "3" guitars, the one referred to in the answer to question G7 in Rumor Pit #31, the Goldtop Les Paul with the 3 on the headstock, and then the one I think fans have seen more often in pictures, the Sunburst Les Paul with the 3 on the pickguard along with a Rat Sound sticker? Does he still use this one much?
    A: Someone out there is doing their homework.... at least partially! Yes, you are correct that Stone did indeed have two Gibson Les Paul guitars with the number "3" on the headstock, one of which is the aforementioned Goldtop. The second - a reissued Sunburst - is referred to in the past tense for good reason. It was during a tour, I believe in 1993 or 1994, that Stone got inspired by the antics of Mike McCready and smashed that Sunburst Les Paul into pieces. Now the only guitar remaining with the "3" headstock is the Goldtop.

G3. I am gonna be getting a new acoustic guitar so I was wondering, what acoustic guitars do the guys use because all of the acoustic songs sound great, especially Daughter and Low Light. Thanks a lot!
    A: There are two brands of acoustic guitars that the P.J. guys most commonly use - Martin's and Taylor's. Sounds more like I'm talking about their next-door neighbors than it does guitars! Of the Martin's and Taylor's they use, the biggest difference between the two brands is the Martin's are vintage instruments, the Taylor's are new. Some of the Martin's they own are from as early as the 1940's, others are from the '60's era. Aside from the Martin's and Taylor's, P.J. does own a few others, most notably Gibson's or Guild's. As for the actual acoustics used on the songs "Daughter" and "Low Light", my best guesses based upon reasonable deduction would be this: Stone used his long-time-owned Guild wide-body acoustic for the recording of "Daughter" (that was one of the only acoustics he had at that time, and I know he used that guitar to write the song), although on a live stage he uses his Hamer Duo-Tone acoustic/electric. A Taylor wide-body acoustic was probably used for the song "Low Light" (Jeff wrote that song and the Taylor is his acoustic guitar of choice).

G4. I was talking to my friend and he said that Mike had a phasor 100 on the No Code picture (in the album) but on a recent Rumor Pit page you said that he had phasor 90. Why did he change?
    A: The politically correct answer..... there is a slight difference in tonality and waveform between the MXR Phase 90 and the Phase 100 pedals. Mike decided he liked the Phase 90 better. The official reason.... the Phase 100 pedal is about an inch wider than the Phase 90. Mike ran out of room on his paddleboard and couldn't fit the Phase 100 on it anymore. Therefore, he's using the slimmer, 10-phase lighter pedal.

G5. On your current issue you state that an E-bow is used at the end of Wishlist. I was wondering why when they played it live in Perth, Ed used his volume knob (he turned it higher and lower) instead of an E-bow.
    A: I can't give you a definitive response to that question. Maybe he wasn't in the mood, maybe he wanted to try something else, maybe he simply forgot to pick it up? I don't know. I do know, however, that my previous comment on the question is accurate and is the case 99% of the time. A question for you..... why does Ed choose to paint his fingernails??

G6. I was just wondering what the dimensions of the stage, length, width, and height, were for PJ's upcoming summer tour.
    A: Generally speaking, for an arena-type venue where the arena floor will accommodate the size, the typical Pearl Jam stage size is 60' wide, 40' deep, and 6' high. However, the dimensions used by P.J. on that stage for their performance space is only 33' wide and 13' deep from the down-stage edge (the very front of the stage) to the front edge of the drum riser. The remainder of that space is used for on-stage monitors and lighting. In addition, there are two 12' x 24' "wings" placed on each side of the stage at a height of approx. 4'. These wings are for the placement of the working stage technicians and the monitor engineer, as well as P.A. amplifiers and monitor equipment. The wings are at the lower height to help reduce audience sight-line obstructions of the performance area. If the concert venue is a stadium or field, the stage is constructed specifically to the individual venue's logistics using a scaffolding frame and a plywood deck .

G7. I have a question about the solo in "Alive" on the "Ten" album. I really love the sound that comes out of the sound of McCready's Strat. Since I myself also own a Strat, I would like to know how that sound was created: did Mike use a particular kind of pickups, or did he use the stock ones, but in combination with an excellent amplifier. I really hope someone can answer this question, because I use Fender sensor gold pickups at this time, but I'm not pleased with the sound that they create. I'm therefore wondering if I should replace my pickups or my amp?
    A: I hate to say this, but I may not be able to give you the answer(s) you're looking for. I say this because there are a lot of factors involved with creating one's sound, and pickup's and amplifiers are only two of them. My experience as a guitar technician - particularly that with Pearl Jam - has shown me one thing that is commonly overlooked...... the player him/herself. My point is this: you could have the oldest, best of the best, most hip, rad, what-ever, vintage instrument/amplifier/effect pedals/etc. and still not have the tone you're looking for. Yeah, having all that great gear will get you a few steps closer, but if the way you PLAY the guitar or bass is pooh, you still aren't going to have what you want. In the case of Mike McCready's tone in general, let me ask you one question.... what's the biggest difference between Mike and Stone's sounds? Both have vintage instruments, amplifiers, and effect pedals; both have their instruments and amplifiers serviced by people who are the best in their respective fields; both have similar guitar playing influences. So what makes their sounds unique from each other? Their hands. Quite simply, Stone doesn't and can't play like Mike - not that Stone's a bad guitar player because of it, but his hands have a different feel and style than Mike's. It's my belief that so much of an individuals sound/tonality comes from his/her hands - the way that person plays the instrument, not so much from the equipment itself. Case in point is the recording of the song "alive" or any of the other songs on the "ten" album. I was not in the studio with P.J. when they recorded that album, but I started with them not long after and I can tell you this.... at that time they didn't have the money to be loaded up with great vintage gear or even the ability to sample every pair of pickup's that a friend might recommend. What they did have, however, was the same type of gear that any small band or musician might have. At the time, it was a luxury for Mike to own and play a reissue strat, let alone a real vintage one. My best guesses are that for the "Alive" recording, Mike used a reissue strat, a Marshall JCM 800 100w head, a Marshall 4x12" cabinet, and some variety of store bought effect pedal. big deal. the real tone on that recording came from his hands - the way he played the instrument. the vintage gear that he may use now has only helped make a great tone greater.

G8. What effect does Mike use for the intro of 'Given To Fly'?
    A: MXR Phase 90.

Heard Rumors? Have Questions? Ask, We're An Ear.

When you send them in to us, just put **PJ RUMOR PIT** in the Subject line of your question message and please remember that personal questions won't be answered.

Reminder: Please send all *fan club membership-related questions* to the Ten Club only at tenclub1@aol.com. That includes how to join, merchandise, address changes, contest questions, fan club tickets, etc.

Lots of love and have a great time at the shows!
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