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Explore beautiful japanese gardens, zen gardens, learn about japanese culture and art, get a taste of japanese food while listening to lovely japanese music. Links and information for japanese recipes, dishes and gardens that captures the richness and diversity of japanese culture and life.


We hope you enjoy our site, learn a little about japanese culture and find the music and pictures enlightening! Turn on your speakers to hear beautiful japanese music through out our site! Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience! Scroll to the bottom of each page and hit the arrow for the best experience.


Explore and experience Japanese Culture through....

...the colorful city streets of Japan. From japanese lifestyle to tranquil japanese gardens and zen gardens.

...ancient japanese art and folk crafts to stunning japanese food and dishes,

...feeling the textures of Japan from compelling zen gardens to the splendor of sushi dishes,

....discover the beauty of enchanting festivals to the art of finely crafted dishes to delectable food,

.....links to sites that capture the essence of Japan from; japanese gardens to japanese recipes to shopping.




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Experience for just a moment the art, lifestyle and culture that make Japan a never ending romance of fascination and delight....

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