Rogallo "Sail Wing" Hang Glider

Rogallo "Sail Wing" Early Hang Glider


This "Sail Wing" early hang glider is based on the design of Francis Rogallo. Francis Rogallo was a NASA research scientist, who in the 1970's was working on a research project to aid spacecraft during re-entry into the earth's atmosphere. NASA was looking for something to replace the re-entry parachutes. In answer to this requirement, Francis Rogallo developed a flexible delta wing kite that could be deployed during re-entry. The concept was that the "kite" would fill with air and create a drag, thus reducing the speed of the spacecraft. After the kite was deployed, it was designed to kept its shape with a series of tension lines. However, NASA dropped the project due to the difficulty in deployment of the kite.

YF-23A YF-17 F-14A F-5A A-4A YO-3A DH-82A XAT-6E JB-1 1883 Glider Gyrocopter BD-5 RP-76 RP-5A Sail Wing 108A KD2R-5


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