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basic Tip #204: Some mappings for using cscope with vim.

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created:   January 28, 2002 10:38      complexity:   basic
author:   Rahul Agrawal      as of Vim:   6.0

These mappings can make using cscope a fun. You can copy the word under the cursor in one window, and search for it from other window.

" Copy and paste the word under cursor
map <silent> <C-Space> :let@m=expand("<cword>")<CR>

" Use the C-Space word as the search criterion
map <C-F6> :cscope find s <C-R>=@m<CR><CR>
map <C-F5> :cscope find c <C-R>=@m<CR><CR>
map <C-F7> :cscope find g <C-R>=@m<CR><CR>

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