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Profile: Ellen Page

Profile: Ellen Page

Real Name: Ellen Philpotts-Page

Birth Date: February 21, 1987

Image: Up and coming Canadian actress who favours offbeat roles

Best Known For: Starring in the movie Juno. Ellen has been nominated for a host of awards for her performance as a pregnant teen - including a Golden Globe.

Early Life: Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Ellen attended Halifax Grammar School and Shambhala School.

She was interested in acting from a young age, starring in school plays and attending a theatre school.

Her first major role was when she was 10, in a TV movie called Pit Pony.

It led to more film and TV roles before she bagged a more significant part in the 2002 film Marion Bridge.

Ellen's big break in Hollywood was in 2005, when she was cast in the movie Hard Candy.

Career High: Last year Ellen won the coveted Best Breakthrough Performance gong from the National Board of Review in the US. This year she was nominated in the Best Actress In A Musical Or Comedy category at the Golden Globes.

Love Life: Little is known about Ellen's love life.

Don't Mention: Hair. Ellen apparently had to shave off all her hair for 2005 film Mouth To Mouth, so had to wear a wig when she played Kitty Pryde in X-Men: The Last Stand a few months later.

Words Of Wisdom: "I don't really want to do the Hollywood thing. I think you ought to try to say something with your movies."

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