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Murdered by Mugabe's mob

His eyes gouged out and his tongue cut off, Tonderai Ndira is one of 50 opposition activists killed in the run-up to Zimbabwe’s election.

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Hizbollah hands over Israeli troop remains

A prisoner convicted of spying for Hizbollah was released to Lebanon by Israel yesterday as the guerrilla group handed over what it said were the remains of dead Israeli soldiers.

Blast hits Danish embassy in Islamabad

A suspected suicide bomber blew up a car outside the Danish embassy in the Pakistani capital today, killing six people and wounding 25

A soldier from the joint UN-African Union force in a razed Darfur village

Sudan ousts British officer from Darfur peace mission

Brigadier Patrick Davidson-Houston, the most senior non-African official in the joint UN and African Union peace mission, is leaving Darfur just six months into his one-year contract.

G8 frustrates green groups

Under pressure to boost talks on a new global warming pact, Group of Eight environment ministers yesterday endorsed slashing greenhouse gas emissions in half by mid-century, but failed to agree on much more contentious near-term targets.

Alan Bond and his wife Diana

The return of a legend: the name's Bond... Alan Bond

He was born in London, went to Australia, made a fortune, lost it, and ended up in prison for fraud. But that was only the first chapter in the extraordinary story of Alan Bond. By Andy McSmith

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