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About Pariivartan

admin  2005-08-08 03:31  General   

Who are We?

We are a group of intellectually aware individuals who find constructive uses of things that are normally deemed as waste to help improve society.

We conduct various activities like collecting raddi, waste clothes etc. We either directly distribute the supposed waste to the needy or we convert these to money to make cash donations to them.

Pariivartan was started by Deepti Bhatia in 2003 with the help of a handful of volunteers.

Today we can proudly say that we are 30 active members with over 2 years of volunteer activity.

Our Activities

Our activities can be classified based on the following two categories:

  • Fund Generation
  • Fund Dispersion

Fund Generation
We conduct activities like collection drives where we collect waste paper, old clothes, books etc.

Fund Dispersal
We pass on the things collected to the needy. In some cases (like waste paper) we sell it off to generate money and use that money to help the needy.

You can read more about them here

Future Plans

We plan to expand as an organization to become more decentralized yet unified in its operations.

This is not a static website. This is a community website with capabilities for enhancing
productivity and co-ordination between a decentralized set of volunteers.

We hope to succeed in increasing the pariivartan activities and reach out to a larger set of needy people.

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