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Posted: 6/21/2004 9:59:58 AM by admin

Sixshot: First off, congratulations with all your success with G-Unit.
Lloyd Banks: Thank you, I appreciate it.

Sixshot: Your real name is Christopher Lloyd, where does the name Banks come from?
Lloyd Banks: Banks is actually my great grand father’s name. My uncle was always saying when he heard me rap: “That’s money in the Bank”, so I took this terminology and…I love money. That’s why I call myself Banks.

Sixshot: Now you are traveling all around the world, I saw an appearance of you and 50 Cent on some German TV show. What is your impression of the world and other countries?
Lloyd Banks: You know, before rap, I did even get out of New York City. To be able to go different places is just a blessing. What is crazy is, that in every country we went, they had someone to represent for Hip-Hop. Just to be able to go out there, and see the influence you have on these people from all these different countries is great. It feels really good to get out there and see different things. Once I found out that the world is bigger then my hood, I figured the sky is the limit.

Sixshot: What countries do you think had the hottest chicks?
Lloyd Banks: Germany… I can’t really say. It’s a toss up; it’s really a toss up. Germany, New Zealand...I can’t wait to go back.

Sixshot: What is your most memorable moment since your ride with G-Unit started? STRONG>
Lloyd Banks: That’s Big. Probably going to Puerto Rico, because I am half Puerto Rican half black, I got family in Puerto Rico. The first show I have ever done was in Puerto Rico, it was at the Mix Show Summit. Since then we go there every year for the summit. That was the biggest event that happened to me in the past two years.

Sixshot: Hunger For More: who produced the album?
Lloyd Banks: The album has various producers: Eminem, Timerland, High Tec a lot of new productions too. 50 is the executive producer of the album. As far as features, I got the whole G-Unit, 50 Cent, Game, the newest member of G-Unit, he is from California, Tony Yayo, he came straight from jail to my booth and recorded his record, he came home a day before the deadline to record his stuff. He is on the first record on my album; you should look forward to that. Outside of the Home team, I got Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg as well as Eminem.

Sixshot: How much creative control did you have over the album?
Lloyd Banks: I actually had full control; we had a studio on the tour Buss. I recorded about 50 tracks and I had 50 choose the tracks for the album.

Sixshot: What is your favorite Track on the album?
Lloyd Banks: My favorite Track is the “Chips it down” meaning that when the finances are not there, you realize that you need money for everything, and you know that money can change everything. It is talking about the move from having nothing to having all the money and the cars and jewelry.
Sixshot: How can you live up to the 16 Million albums 50 Cent sold?
Lloyd Banks: As far as the pressure, I really don’t have any. I saw it all happening, and I raised my standard. Some things I would have accepted two years ago I would not anymore now.

It does not mean that if I can’t hit it this time, that I can’t get it with my second record. I have enough tracks recorded. At the same time, 50 did not have a good album, 50 had an extremely good album. That was phenomenal. As god gives you cards, it’s up to you to decide how you are going to deal them.

Sixshot: What did you learn, how did you change since this whole thing started?
Lloyd Banks: The biggest changes where actually going on outside the country, seeing different things. I went to a club in Japan which was all hip-hop. They are performing over your records, that was like a culture shock...a Japanese rapper raps over 50. Also the language barrier which got broken, people where raping along to me and knew every word of the records.

I really respect the different countries because when you go there you mostly realize that they also have poverty is a hood everywhere. I just make sure you appreciate your live, because I have friends who got killed at such a young age that they never even had the chance to get out of NYC.

Sixshot: What is your perception of Hip-Hop?
Lloyd Banks: I think hip hop is in a good state right now, it is broader than it has ever been before. We got G-Unit Clothes, Sneakers, Games… it’s not just about being a rap artist anymore it’s about being an entrepreneur. Look at Jay-Z or Master P, Russel Simmons who started it all. It is giving us the anarchy money and not just the rap money. I think right now, with every negative it’s like tree times the positive which comes back.

Sixshot: What are your plans for the next few months?
Lloyd Banks: The next few months? I am planning to make a few more millions. Honestly, I'm tying to push the tab. I hope to have a successful album, I will have 4 singles and I hope I will be accepted as one of the best rappers there is. Not the best, but one of the best.

Sixshot: Thanks for the interview...
Lloyd Banks..no problem

*Disclaimer: Exclusive Lloyd Banks interview and text was conducted by Admin of SixShot.com.  No part of this interview may be duplicated without written permission from SixShot.com.  The interview content or text layout may not be altered in any shape or form.

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From : aj84cg

lloyd banks cd is tight. i give it 4 mics,and xl.

From : biggdoggz187
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From : DannyG
german ladies? hell no! da A-U-T got da finest booties of europe. holla b(l)ack GeeZee

From : .::Per:Phek:Shun::.
On Fire
Banks Is On Fire Right Now

From : mc_sublime
g unit
I think whole g unit sucks

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