Resources on the Puerto Rico Statehood Question

E-Mail Congress on Puerto Rico statehood.

Fowler Amendment Battle (March 29, 2000).

Recent Articles on Puerto Rico by English First

"Puerto Rico Follows Clinton-Scandal Playbook: Will the Clinton-Gore administration obstruct justice yet again?," National Review Online (August 11, 2000).

"Puerto Rico and U.S. Elections: Dastardly doings could tilt presidency to Gore," National Review Online (July 25, 2000).

"Weird Week for Puerto Rico: Events this week could cost its pro-statehood New Progressive Party control of the island's government," National Review Online (June 12, 2000).

"Dateline: Vieques, Puerto Rico: A Case Study in Clintonism," National Review Online (May 5, 2000).

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet on Puerto Rico Statehood.

Will Statehood for Puerto Rico Cost Your State a Congressman?

Costs of Statehood for Puerto Rico to the U.S. Treasury?

Excerpts from the book, Statehood is for the Poor by statehood advocate Carlos Romero-Barcelo, Puerto Rico's non-voting delegate to Congress. Read what Puerto Ricans are being told statehood really means.

Puerto Rican Statehood: The Language Question An issue brief prepared by English First.

Articles of Interest on Puerto Rico

Federal Judges Rule on Puerto Rico's Political Status

President Clinton's Pardon of FALN Terrorists

"Clemency for Terrorists" (Findings of House Committee on Government Reform, November, 1999).

Where Does Your Congressman Stand on Puerto Rico Statehood?

March 4, 1998 U.S. House Vote on Puerto Rico statehood.

List of 1997-1998 Cosponsors of the Puerto Rico Statehood Bill (H.R. 856).

1997-98 Puerto Rico Statehood Legislation

Full Text of Chairman Murkowski's version of the Puerto Rico Statehood bill (July 31, 1998).

English First's Analysis of the Murkowski bill. (It's still bad.)

Text of H.R. 856, the Puerto Rican statehood bill before the House of Representatives.

Congress Gets a Misleading Report of H.R. 856's English Requirement.

Read what the House Rules Committee had to say about a similar bill in 1996.


New York Post Editorial on Puerto Rico Statehood (July 14, 1997).

1996 Letter on Puerto Rican statehood from English First.

Links to Sites in Puerto Rico of Various Views

Ramón López-Alemán's Puerto Rican independence page (English/Spanish).

Bandera Roja: Puerto Rico's Political Development Workshop's web page (in Spanish).

Puerto Rican Independence - then and now - Jose Cruz (English).

The Pedro Albizu Campos Home Page (English).

Puerto Rico's Independence Movement.

Puerto Rico Statehood Web Site

Puerto Rico Herald, Dedicated to Realizing Puerto Rico Self-Determination

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