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Return of Bantha Tracks
November 06, 2002

[ Return of Bantha Tracks ]

From 1978 to 1986, Star Wars Fan Club members would eagerly await their new issue of Bantha Tracks, the two-color newsletter informing them of the latest happenings from Lucasfilm Ltd. The Star Wars Insider now delivers that news in the form of a glossy magazine eight times a year, but for members of the Star Wars Fan Club, Bantha Tracks will make a triumphant return in a new format.

"Bantha Tracks is a quarterly newsletter that is coming out in addition to the Star Wars Insider," says Lisa Stevens, President of the Official Star Wars Fan Club. "Whereas the Insider concentrates on what's going on at Lucasfilm and its licensees, Bantha Tracks will cover what's going on in the fan community."

[ Return of Bantha Tracks ] Only members of the Official Star Wars Fan Club (click here to become one) will receive Bantha Tracks, which will be published on the flipside of issues of the Insider. The back cover and the last few pages of the issue will include full color coverage of fan activities and achievements.

"The first issue is focusing on the fan involvement at Celebration II," says Mary Franklin, editor of the new Bantha Tracks. "There are a lot of great Celebration stories, like the R2-D2 Builders' Group, the Diorama Workshop, and stories and anecdotes from fans that volunteered backstage, and the fan clubs themselves that had tables at the event."

The first issue will be eight pages, but the staff of the Fan Club expects it to grow once word gets out and submissions start coming in. Bantha Tracks will be interactive, and fan contributions are more than welcome. "We want the fans to get involved and be part of it," says Franklin. "If they have something cool going on, or an event coming up that they want to highlight, or if they've done something special and have pictures or anecdotes to share, we want to hear it."

The first issue includes one such submission, a humorous contribution from bestselling author and Fan Club member Aaron Allston. If you've got something to share, you can email Bantha Tracks at banthatracks@starwars.com, or check out this official thread on the Star Wars Message Boards, which is visited by the staff of the Star Wars Fan Club.

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