Doctor Who - Season 3

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Adventures in Time and Space

From the moment the Doctor walks into the life of medical student Martha Jones, he changes it forever. Their adventures include meeting William Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre in Elizabethan London, a nightmarish underground world of gridlocked cars and the return of the Doctor's sworn enemies, the Daleks, who have been hiding in 1930s New York with a terrifying plan for humanity.

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The Story So Far...
The story so far is that you don’t need to know any story so far. There’s a man who calls himself the Doctor. He travels in time and space in a wooden box that’s bigger on the inside than the outside.

That’s all you need to know. But some of us might want to know a little more.


Benjaman Heywood-MacLeod gives us his impressions of the latest episode...

Episode 3x01 - Smith and Jones
The Doctor is back! I think that this is the best start to a season so far - it was really exciting. The special effects were excellent - especially the scenes on the moon, and I like the new monsters - the Judoon - they're totally weird.

The doctor pretending to be a patient in the hospital was pretty hilarious. I also love the new companion, Martha - she's a doctor (there's kind of two doctors now!) and she's smart and funny. I miss Rose, but I think Martha will be great. All in all, the season opener was completely "out of this world". One question: how come there wasn't lower gravity on the moon?

Scariness level: 2/5

Overall Rating: 4/5

Episode 3x02 - The Shakespeare Code
This time, we go back to the time of William Shakespeare. I like it when the Doctor meets real people from history, and this was about a lost play, which is true apparently. The witches are great - their makeup was fantastic. Visiting Shakespeare was a great idea. I don't know very much about him, but this episode makes me want to see all his plays. It was a good story overall - not as high energy as the last one, but I liked it. There were even some Harry Potter jokes in there, which was pretty funny. Apparently book 7 made the Doctor cry! Oh, and ANOTHER queen is mad at him, but we don't know why, yet!

Scariness level: 3/5 - at the beginning, it seemed like it was going to be really scary, but then sort of didn't.

Overall Rating: 3/5 - better than "The Unquiet Dead", when he met Charles Dickens.

Episode 3x03 - Gridlock
Gridlock brings us back to New Earth! And New New New New New New New York, although things seem a little different from when we were there with Rose. This time, everyone is stuck in traffic. Forever. Actually, it kind of reminds me of highway 401 here in Toronto. It was fun watching the doctor trying to track down Martha after she'd been kidnapped - what a great chase scene, jumping from car to car, ending with a nurse cat with a machine gun kidnapping the doctor! The monsters this episode - the Macra, were a total surprise. And at the end we see the Face of Boe, who has been there all along, and gives the doctor his final secret (like he promised last time they met). "You are not alone". Hmmm. I wonder what that means?

Scariness level: 1/5 - This one wasn't scary at all - just exciting.

Overall Rating: 4/5 - Just as good as the first "New Earth" - even without the zombies.

Episode 3x04 - Daleks in Manhattan/dt>
See next week's review for the complete lowdown of this two-parter filled with Dalek delights

Scariness level: 3/5 - A few scary moments

Overall Rating: 5/5 - Totally exciting.

Episode 3x05 - Evolution of the Daleks
This was an awesome two-parter (although it had a bit of a lame cliff-hanger, compared to some of the other ones.) The Daleks are in New York (this time it's OLD New York) during the depression and they're secretly up to no good - they're kidnapping people and either turning them into pig-slaves, or using them for worse things - experiments to create part human Daleks. Any episode with Daleks in it is a hit for me, and there was lots of high intensity and exciting moments. The scene at the top of the Empire State Building was very tense - I really thought the Doctor was dead meat for a while. Like as in "regeneration time". It was also weird to see the Doctor actually helping Dalec Sec - although it was pretty obvious that the other Daleks weren't going to let the experiment continue, since normal Daleks don't like anything that isn't pure Dalek. I think that overall, this is one of the best stories yet - my only problem was that the Daleks were a bit too weak - what happened to one Dalek being able to take out a whole planet of it wanted to? These ones have to hide in the sewers and work in secret. Oh well. (We do find out that Daleks don't like the radio much but they do like bacon!!! ) And of course, Dalek Caan escapes with an emergency temporal shift, so I think we just might see him again!

Scariness level: 3/5 - A few scary moments

Overall Rating: 5/5 - Totally exciting.

Episode 3x06 - The Lazarus Experiment
In this episode, we meet Professor Lazarus, who should stop messing around with things he doesn't fully understand, like his own DNA. While trying to make himself younger, a few little things go wrong... I particularly liked this episode because it had a lot of suspense, it even seemed like Martha was toast for a little while! The creature was pretty scary because it wasn't actually an alien, it was a crazily mutated human, which seems worse to me for some reason - plus it was pretty hard to get rid of, and the way it killed people was gross - it reminded me of what leeches try to do to you. We also learned a bit more about Martha's family - I liked her sister Tish, but her mother bugged me a bit. Later in the episode, the Doctor played the organ for a while, a lot louder than I'm allowed to (but it was for a good reason!) The special effects were great, but one little thing I didn't like was the "monster's point of view" shots - they were a bit too blurry and hard to make out. But that's a minor complaint.

Scariness level: 3/5 - A few scary moments

Overall Rating: 4/5 - Pretty good - Very exciting.

Episode 3x07 - 42
In this episode the heat is on for one little cargo ship. This story was cool because it happened in real time - 42 minutes. The Doctor and Martha answer a call for help and find themselves stuck in a ship that's going to fall into a sun. Meanwhile, something evil is taking over all the crew and killing them. This is scary, and pretty tense overall, as the whole time they're getting closer and closer to the sun. The part where Martha gets stuck in the escape pod worried me a bit, and I didn't like it one bit when the doctor got possessed. Lucky he had Martha there to save HIM. The ending was pretty neat when we found out what it was that was taking everyone over. And at the end, Martha got a Tardis key! I wonder where I can get one of those. Back on earth, in our time, one thing that's also happening is that Martha's mom is helping Mr. Saxon look for Martha and the Doctor. Something tells me this isn't a good idea...

Scariness level: 4/5 - Pretty scary

Overall Rating: 4/5 - Pretty good - Very exciting.

Episode 3x08 - Human Nature
See next week's review for the complete review of this two-parter.

Scariness level: 4/5 - Pretty scary

Overall Rating: 5/5 - Totally exciting.

Episode 3x09 - Family of Blood
What's wrong with the Doctor? He looks like my principal. And he's a bit nerdy. Human Nature and Family of Blood is a two parter that has the doctor disguising himself as a human, around 1910 or something, to escape some very hungry enemies. The disguise is good... too good. It's so good that he actually is human and doesn't remember he's the Doctor. I liked seeing him as a teacher, but the personality change was pretty major. He was very proper and bossy - I don't think I'd want him to be my teacher.

There were good things and bad things about this episode. First the good things:

I liked the alien spaceship, and its invisibility shield. The Scarecrows were very cool and very scary, at least at first. I quite liked the attack on the school (of course). Seeing what the doctor's life would be like if he stayed and married that nurse was cool. But I'm glad it didn't happen. Bo-ring. The way that the doctor finally gets rid of each of the aliens was amazing. And at the very end, it was neat when the boy Tim saw the doctor and Martha when he was an old man, and of course, they were just the same.

Now for the bad things. Or I should say less good. For some reason I didn't really like the time period. I don't know why, it was just a bit boring. I didn't really like the aliens in human form. I REALLY didn't like the whole love story thing. The doctor shouldn't be doing that even if he doesn't remember who he is. There was one thing I especially hated (involving lips, you can guess what I mean) which made me take a whole point off.

Oh, I nearly forgot. Martha was awesome in this story. She saved the doctor again, really. She's getting good at that.

Scariness level: 3/5 - The scarecrows were pretty freaky at first, but that wore off by part 2

Overall Rating: 2/5 - Pretty exciting, but not the best episode ever. The kiss made it lose a full point.

Episode 3x10 - Blink
Don't close your eyes while you're reading this review - don't even blink. Blink and you're dead! Oh, come on, you just blinked, didn't you? This is another one of those stories where the Doctor just plays a minor part. It's mostly about Sally Sparrow and the weird things that are happening to her. The Doctor and Martha are trapped in the past, and it's up to Sally to somehow save them, but she's being chased by some very creepy statues, that can only get you if you aren't looking at them.

This was a pretty good episode. The way that the Doctor communicated through time with Sally was cool - everything from writing on the wall behind the wallpaper, to hidden messages in DVDs. All the time travel back and forth was interesting - especially when Sally's friend vanishes and then right afterwards she gets a visit from her friend's grandson! Also, the chase was exciting - you wouldn't think it would be, since it's unmoving statues chasing them - but it was pretty neat, especially how they were defeated at the end: forced to look at each other. I liked how Sally's diary was the instructions that the Doctor had to follow in order to communicate with her.

I think though that I don't much like the episodes where the Doctor just plays a small part. Like Love and Monsters last season - although this one was better, for sure. It was funny trying to figure out what the Doctor and Martha were doing, though, especially when they were running through London with bows and arrows.

The ending was great - when they showed us all the statues everywhere. I'll be sure to keep my eye on things like that from now on! Without blinking.

Scariness level: 4.5/5 - Definitely the scariest one this season, but not as scary as "The Empty Child" from season 1

Overall Rating: 3/5 - Good one!

Episode 3x11 - Utopia
Captain Jack is back! It's good to see him again, although jumping onto the outside of the Tardis seems a bit dumb. He lived though.

Utopia was a great episode. The Doctor, Martha and Jack end up in the future... the FAR FAR future (like trillions of years) and meet up with the last humans left. There was a great chase scene at the beginning, with these wild human-like creatures that don't seem very friendly, and they just make it into the human base in time - after having to show their teeth to prove that they aren't monsters. The chase was a bit scary, and it's a bit depressing. It's doesn't seem like much of a future to look forward to.

They get inside and meet the Professor, who is trying to build a ship to take all the humans left to a place called Utopia to save them. The name "the Professor" made me think of the 7th doctor - Ace used to call him that all the time, and he's really nice. And he had a companion of his own. He kind of reminded me of the First Doctor, and I was actually starting to think he was a future incarnation of the Doctor - which would have been totally cool. Boy was I wrong, which was even cooler! After a tense situation trying to fuel the ship, the monsters taking over the base, and Martha noticing that the Professor has a watch just like the Doctor's, the professor opens the watch and his memory comes back and HE'S THE MASTER!!! I nearly lost my mind. He's going to cause a lot of trouble, I bet. Now we know what the Face of Boe's last message, "You are not alone", meant. I bet the Doctor wishes that he was alone. Then the end of the episode comes - too soon - with the ship taking off, the master stealing the Tardis and regenerating, and the Doctor, Martha, and Jack trapped in the year 1 trillion. Killer cliffhanger.

Scariness level: 2/5

Overall Rating: 5/5 - Loved it!

Episode 3x12 - The Sound of Drums
See Episode 13 - "Last of the Time Lords" for my combined review of the last two episodes.

Scariness level: 2/5

Overall Rating: 6/5 - Best. Episode. Ever.

Episode 3x13 - Last of the Time Lords
So the Doctor, Martha, and Captain Jack have gotten themselves out of trouble using Jack's portable vortex manipulator, but it's kind of out of the frying pan, into the fire. Mr. Saxon has been elected Prime Minister, and there's one problem with that... Mr. Saxon is The Master. This can't be good.

This whole storyline was really great. I really liked how Mr. Saxon even showed up (if you look carefully) in an episode from last year (in a newspaper). He's been tracking the Doctor all along! Personality-wise, the Master was really interesting. In this incarnation he's almost exactly like the Doctor, and he's funny, but in a dangerous, crazy way. Finding out about him as a kid on Gallifrey explained a lot.

Anyway, in the first part of the story, things go from bad to really really bad. Basically, everyone gets captured, and the master wins. He zaps the Doctor, aging him over a hundred years - without regeneration, the Toclafane take over and kill ten percent of the people on earth. Like I said, couldn't be worse. Except Martha escapes. I saw this in two parts, and I have to say, it was a brutal cliffhanger.

All of a sudden, it's a year later. I wish we could have seen what Martha was doing during that time. It sounded like she had some amazing adventures. I really liked the part about the gun that would kill the master, and finding out the the Toclafane were actually humans from the year 100 trillion - the same ones who thought they were escaping to Utopia. Meanwhile, the Tardis has been wrecked and turned into a paradox machine, which is keeping everything going, and the Doctor, Jack, and Martha's family are still prisoners on the flying aircraft carrier (which has windshield wipers, by the way. I thought that was funny). They spent a year coming up with a perfect escape plan, but too bad - it didn't work. The Master wins again, and ages the Doctor even more - this time to what he'd look like at his actual age (more than 900 years), but without any regenerations. Kind of a bit like Gollum, if you ask me.

Meanwhile, Martha gets captured and the Master destroys the gun - which was a trick anyway! The ending was amazing with the Doctor using the mental energy of everyone on the planet to bring himself back to normal, as we get another hint of how powerful the Doctor really is (kind of like at the end of "Family of Blood"). When it all finishes, the Master is dead - shot by his "companion", and the world goes back to the way it was before the Toclafane invaded. Everybody goes home, including Jack, who says something a bit shocking... he turns into the Face of Boe! I was totally surprised by this. At least we know he'll die someday - in five billion years, anyway. And the part with the ring at the ending makes may think that we maybe haven't seen the last of the Master. The only bad part about this episode is the fact that Martha has decided to stay on earth. I hope we see her again.

Two last things: I loved the music in this episode, too bad they ended up cutting out the best part. But apparently it will be on the DVDs. And that final scene - The Tardis, crashing into the Titanic! I can't wait until the Christmas special. I seem to remember something about the 9th Doctor having something to do with the Titanic as well (from the episode "Rose"). Is it possible that that the 10th might meet him? That sort of thing has happened before...

Scariness level: 2/5

Overall Rating: 6/5 - Best. Episode. Ever.