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Cloot means a claith or a rag, a dishclaith, a duster or a bandage. It can mean a bairn's nappy, or hippens, and it can mean claes. The weel-kent saw Neer cast a cloot till mey be oot means dinnae tak aff ony claes (no even yer winter simmit) until the hawthorn, or mey, is in flooer. It's cried the mey blossom because it aye comes oot at the end o Mey.

ScissorsA bodie wi a richt shairp tongue, shairp eneuch tae cut claith, wad be cried a Clipcloots.

A clootie dumpling is a birthday treat, made wi a spicy fruitcake mixture and biled in a cloot. Gin ye dinnae eat it aw up at aince, it's braw fried for yer breakfast.

CobblerCloot can also be yaised as a verb meanin tae patch claes or tae mend pots and pans or even shuin wi a daud o metal.

The word cloot gangs a the wey back tae Auld English.

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