About myself...

photo           Besides the love of art, I like to travel. My favorite places are in southern Italy and the island of Capri, near Naples. I find Italy very romantic and I have painted their enchanting seashores repeatedly. I also have a passion for music, specially rock and roll.

          I was married, but obtained a divorce a year later. I have experienced how when love between two people is based on attraction or infatuation, it can turn into nothingness. When it is over, it is over. No contract on paper will change that. I've had long-lasting relationships, mostly ending in mutual agreement; each of us growing naturally in different directions and adopting different lifestyles.

clear photo          Throughout, as the story of my life was unfolding before me, I always felt an unfullfield void. It urged me to search in several directions all at once. I have been practicing yoga since childhood. I'm always on a lookout for teachers. This search led me to Yogi Bhajan. At the time, he was teaching Kundalini Yoga in Los Angeles, California, where I was also residing.

          Yogi Bhajan wears a white turban, so, when saw an advertisement for public talks given by Sant Thakar, wearing a white turban, it caught my attention. Out of curiosity, I went to see him. Wearing the same white turban style means both Yogi Bhajan and Sant Thakar were borne into Sikh famlies. I truly admire the values of a Kalsha Sikh. The talks were about "Sant Mat." "Sant Mat" is also known as "Shurat Shabd Yoga," or "Yoga of the Inner Light and Sound."

          I found the place where the talks were given, the Army Museum of Los Angeles, to be unattractive. I felt no connection with the attending crowd either. This was not remeniscent of the time I met Eckankar Master Darwin and how I had felt a strong sence of belonging among those people. Here, I had felt the opposite. The audience seemed stiff and mostly middle-aged.

          After Sant Thakar's speech, I left immediately, with the two friends who accompanied me. We left without receiving the initiation or learning how to meditate in this path. Both the initiation and learning how to meditate in this path were being offered after the lecture. This is interesting, because I ended visiting Sant Thakar numerous times in India; staying half-a-year at a strech and learning how to meditate with the "Sound."

          Around the tragedy 9/11 I had a Kundalini quickening and discovered the Amritnadi of Ramana Mahrshi, which lead me to Sri Nisargadatta: the non-dualist thought, and the notion of 'keeping awareness aware on awareness.'

... Erika Molnar ...     

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