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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Three years have passed since the Daein-Crimea war. Both Daein and Crimea are still stabilizing after that war. Daein is ruled by the Begnion occupation forces, after Crimea relinquished rule over their defeated country, and they are oppressed by the imperial soldiers. In the first of the game's four parts, a group of chivalrous thieves, which includes "the silver-haired maiden," Micaiah, fight Begnion's oppression and attempt to liberate Daein and bring back power to the royal family.

The efforts of the Dawn Brigade are the beginning of a much larger conflict. In the next part, Crimea's Queen Elincia fights against conspiring nobles, who plot to overthrow her. The following part sees the Greil mercenaries assist the united Laguz army as they go to war with the Begnion Empire. The consequences of this war can be seen in the fourth and final part, where the Dawn Brigade and the Greil mercenaries join forces to defeat the Begnion senate and the goddess high above at the Guiding Tower.

Radiant Dawn carries over the gameplay mechanics of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, with some changes. Additionally, see Fire Emblem gameplay for basic information.

The game's 45 chapters are unequally divided into four parts. Each chapter features a "leader" character, comparable to the Lord characters in previous games. For example, the leader of Part 1 is Micaiah, and Ike is the leader of most of Parts 3 and 4. Other leaders, such as Elincia, Geoffrey and Tibarn, play minor roles. 42 playable characters return from Path of Radiance, which along with 30 new characters equals 72 playable characters.

Radiant Dawn features two types of supports: Buddy supports and Bond supports. Buddy supports (simply called "Supports" in previous games) increase their characters' battle stats dependent on the elemental affinity and support level of both Buddies. Unlike in previous games, characters can be Buddies with any other character, but can only have one Buddy at a time. Characters in Buddy supports will have a short conversation at the beginning of each battle. Bond supports, which also appeared in Path of Radiance, are between two specific characters and are always present.

If a Gamecube memory card with a cleared Path of Radiance save is inserted, data can be transferred from the save file. Path of Radiance characters who have reached close to their maximum power level will receive small statistics boosts in Radiant Dawn. Character weapon ranks will also be transferred if they are higher than the default levels in Radiant Dawn. Transferred A-level supports become Bond supports in Radiant Dawn, and the support conversations unlocked can be read in a support library after the game is completed. However there is a bug with this feature that causes the Wii to freeze when any Easy Mode data is present in the Gamecube memory card. Nintendo is currently working on a fix. In the meantime, simply delete any game data on Easy Mode to access this feature.

Beorc (human) units can now promote twice, resulting in three tiers of character classes. Most 1st and 2nd tier classes are Fire Emblem staples, such as Myrmidons and Swordmasters. 3rd tier classes are the strongest of all classes; the character automatically learns their class's Occult (ultimate) skill upon promotion. To promote most characters from a 2nd to a 3rd tier class, a unit must be raised to level 21 of their 2nd tier class or a Master Crown must be used.

The laguz from Path of Radiance also return. They can now fight when untransformed, using a new weapon called "Strike," though they are relatively weak in this state. Laguz can only wield one Strike weapon, but they can upgrade it by increasing its weapon rank to SS. Laguz cannot promote, but they can reach a maximum level of 40 (instead of 20). They learn their Occult skill by using an Enlightenment scroll at Level 30 or above. The number of Laguz species has increased with the introduction of the Wolf tribe.

The game also adds a new magic class, Dark Magic, and a second trinity of magic, originally from the GBA Fire Emblem games: dark beats anima (wind, thunder, and fire), anima beats light, and light beats dark. The SS weapon rank, higher than the S of previous games, has been added. Knives, which were a Skill in Path of Radiance, now have weapon ranks. Skills, except locked skills, can now be removed and transferred as Books. Skill capacities have been modified for beorc due to the new three-class system, and laguz have varying capacities depending on level, with some laguz having 100 capacity at maximum.

The height of the landscape now has a direct effect on gameplay. Characters can climb up to higher levels at certain points. If a character is higher than an enemy, they will have much higher accuracy and deal more damage; conversely, if they are lower they will have much lower accuracy.
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