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The TUC has a longstanding commitment to partnerships between unions and employers. Partnerships at work can deliver higher productivity, improved performance and successful changes to workplace organisation. Partnership enables unions to play an active role in shaping an organisation's policy and strategy, and increases union involvement in organisational change. The TUC Partnership Institute, launched in January 2001, provides expertise, advice and support to unions and employers on developing successful workplace partnerships. Here you can find our research on partnership and its place in a stakeholding society. You can find older material by using the search facilities.

The most recent documents available on this subject are:

Unions and Employers Working in Partnership Towards World Class Public Services in Wales
The Wales TUC and Cardiff University will bring together leading academics, trade unionists and politicians to build on the groundbreaking Welsh Social Partnership Agreement at a key conference this Monday, 7 April 2008.
7 April 2008

TUC contribution to London United event
TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber will be joined by representatives of London's transport and emergency workers at tomorrow's London United event at Trafalgar Square at 6pm.
13 July 2005

Partnership means a grown-up relationship between bosses and workers
When bosses and employees work together in partnership businesses increase productivity and profitability, they have less staff turnover and less sickness absence, says a new TUC report Partnership works, which is published today (Friday 4 January 2002).
3 January 2002

Birmingham hospital gets TUC partnership ball rolling
A major breakthrough in employer and worker relations has arrived in Birmingham at University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust with the introduction of a new partnership style of working.
17 January 2001

Perfect partnership in Yorkshire
Unions and employers in Yorkshire will be extolling the virtues of partnership today (Monday) as they tell a TUC/Yorkshire Forward conference in Leeds how this new spirit of co-operation is signalling success for bosses and workers alike in the region.
3 July 2000

Partnership in action in Strathclyde
TUC General Secretary John Monks will see partnership working between union and employer when he visits Playtex and Pilkington Optronics in Strathclyde today.
23 March 2000

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Deputy Minister for Skills to Address 2008 Stakeholder Conference

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