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Some Slovianski letters are missing on keyboards that potential Slovianski speakers commonly use. In the age of Unicode (Unikod), transliterators ([1]) and other helping tools, it isn't an essential problem to type and display these characters correctly. Despite this, various alternative spellings have been proposed.



Three letters of Slovianski Latin - č, š, ž - are missing on some Latin keyboards.

cz, sz, z'

This system combines the advantage of the cz/sz/zz system with the c'/s'/z' one. The most problematic feature of cz/sz/zz, i.e. the zz, is avoided, and replaced with z'. The fact that the apostrophe is used at one letter only lowers the problems connected with apostrophe.

cz, sz, zz

The zz combination commonly occurs in Polish (where the main idea of this system was taken from) and is therefore a little bit problematic.

c', s', z'

This system doesn't give two tasks to one character. However, the apostrophe is used for softening in some languages or their transcriptions and isn't therefore very suitable. Moreover, there are several types of apostrophes in the computer encodings. Therefore, if you decide for this method, it is recommended to use this kind of apostrophe.

cx, sx, zx

This system, inspired by Esperanto, is used in Slovio. It is absolutely logical, unambigous and the letter x is more universal than the apostrophe. However, the result text with x in almost each third word doesn't excel in beauty.

ch, sh, zh

This system is inspired by English. If we also add y to represent Slovianski j, kh to represent Slovianski h, but keep Slovianski c instead of English "ts", we get not only a logical, but also a natural system. However, these letter combinations are already given another tasks in natural west Slavic languages, most notably ch for Slovianski h, not for Slovianski č.


  • East Slavs and Bulgarians can replace the ј with й.
    • To make the language look more natural, it is also possible to replace ја and ьа with я, and ју and ьу with ю.
  • Serbians and Macedonans can replace the soft sign (ь) with an apostrophe (').
  • Belarusians can replace и with і.