Louis Clark

Louis Clark is a phenomenon in the music world. His work unites the world of rock, pop and classical music and he has achieved what many musicians can only dream of - a top five single in Britain and a Number One album in the States.

Louis grew up in Shropshire; he learned the piano and then started music lessons at the age of 14. His musical interests were entirely classical until he was captivated by The Beatles in the 1960's. Their music was the first contemporary music to have an influence on him.

After leaving school, Louis was bassist for the Raymond Froggatt Band in Birmingham; he also arranged all the orchestral accompaniments. Preferring arranging to playing, Louis left the band to become a full time arranger.

After studying at the City of Leeds College of Music, Louis met Jeff Lynne of the Electric Light Orchestra. Intrigued by the idea of a full orchestra Jeff invited Louis to work on the ELO album, Eldorado. Since then Louis has written all the orchestral arrangements for their albums.

In addition to his work on the "Hooked on Projects" he has also arranges, conducted and produced several other albums including Seriously Orchestral…Hits of Phil Collins, the music of Queen, The Beatles, Abba and one of the Favourite Classics Albums. In 1997 Louis recorded a "Hooked on" style album in China with Chinese Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra consisting of his own arrangements of Classical Chinese and Asian music.

Over the past couple of years Louis has given a "Hooked On" concert in Japan; orchestral concerts of Queen and The Beatles Music in Chile, Argentina, Columbia and Mexico. He also toured the world with ELO Part II for the bands 25th Aniversary.

Louis' CD "Original Classics in a Modern Style" is available from Debonair Records.

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