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Tuesday 3 June: Tale of the day

Tuesday, June 3, 2008
By Drew Lilley

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8.10 pm: The ladies are into a deciding set and the men are going with serve in the second. And I for once am having an “early” night. Elaine will take you through the morning and early afternoon tomorrow while I have a big family meal up north of Paris (three generations of Lilleys). Thanks as always for reading and of course posting and we’ll be here tomorrow, same time same place. Until then, always a pleasure, never a chore…

7.30 pm: Tomorrow’s schedule.

7.13 pm: A few doubles matches still going on for those of you looking to chat all night down below on the forum. Beardy Tursunov is wearing the same Guga Kuerten-esque top as his partner Kunitsyn while Tipsarevic and Troicki are looking to make it a Serbian clean sweep today. That’s on Lenglen and is 1-2 with serve while on Chatrier, the almost homonymic No4 seeds Chan and Chuang took the first set from the double-barrelled No10 seeds Medina Garrigues and Ruano Pascual.

6.51 pm: Two more quarter-finals tomorrow with three Russians (Safina v Dementieva) and an Estonian (KK Kaia Kanepi who faces Sveta Kuznetsova).

6.49 pm: Jankovic wins! Hardly a convincing performance but she’s through to meet Ana in the semis on Thursday.

6.46 pm: CSN is battling and saves two match points on the JJ serve. Deuce. Her backhand is working again now – ah, and then she loooongs an easy forehand! She’s attacking JJ’s serve but she can’t afford to make mistakes like that at this stage in the match.

6.40 pm: Lucky net-cord followed by great back-hand passing shot keep CSN alive for another game. JJ is about to serve at 6-3 5-2 though.

6.37 pm: CSN’s lost it. Her elegant backhand has gone all to pot and she’s just top-edged one into the 50 euro seats. An effective cricket shot but it won’t help her against Jellybean Jelena (you can either pronounce it DJelena or Yellybean to make it work – your choice). 5-1 Djellybean.

6.35 pm: The break finally comes – 4-1. On other days players hid under towels at the changeover because it was so warm – today they are doing it to ward off the cold.

6.29 pm: JJ finally holds – as good as a break that is, especially as she’s about to break again. An amazing stat comes up – CSN has won only two of 14 points on her second service… She gets a first service over though and holds to take it to deuce, JJ again taking herself to task for being a step off the pace. She’s looking sluggish around there (and then saying that, he throws up an inch-perfect lob to carve out another break point which CSN again saves, again by getting her first service over).

6.23 pm: Guess what? Third break. 2-1 up. Can JJ now hold?

6.19 pm: Break-point CSN. JJ picks at the strings of her racquet with her blue-lacquered nails but it’s to no avail – she pings one out next time up and it’s 1-1. She’s not very convincing out there but we could put it down to the wind.

6.17 pm: JJ double faults, purely out of politeness. The wind must be affecting them out there.

6.15 pm: A double fault, the second serve bouncing off the net cord and landing out, gives JJ the opener in the second set.

6.13 pm: US commentator Bud Collins is in the crowd, wearing the same greentastic get-up as yesterday. And the fans who were previously waving the Serbian flag are now huddling underneath it. Chilly out there it is.

6.10 pm: Breakbackup mountain. And JJ is lucky at 30-30 on her serve when CSN puts an overhead shot just wide. 20 seconds later and it’s one set to love for the smooth-swinging Serbian. She keeps playing it onto the Canary Islander’s backhand so she must enjoy watching it as much as we do. Five breaks in total in that set – not exactly top quality but JJ always allows her opponents to win the first game, polite girl that she is.

6.03 pm: Big game here. JJ fights back from 15-40 down but then CSN drops another beaut. JJ berates her leaden-footedness and then CSN comes to the net next point up and dispatches a backhand volley. Breakback mountain.

6 pm: CSN hearts the drop-shot and slices a beaut to win a 20-shot rally.

5.58 pm: JJ hearts Paris and she hearts breaking as well, with some big forehands that are heart-worthy themselves. 4-2 JJ.

5.52 pm: Wonderful. JJ’s right forearm is all strapped up but she (or presumably someone else as she isn’t left-handed) has written “I heart Paris” on the strapping. Awww. Paris loves you too, JJ.

5.49 pm: Jings but it’s windy out there and there’s a trace of moisture in the air. CSN (far easier to type than Carla Suarez Navarro) holds to make it 2-2. She has a lovely one-handed back-hand, almost Juju-esque.

5.42 pm: No change there then. Rafa steam-rollers someone who thinks that they have to play a winner on every shot just to compete while JJ loses her opening serve and then breaks back. Normal Serb-ice has been resumed.

5.39 pm: Blimey! While we were all listening to Rafa’s on-court interview (nothing much in it) Carla Suarehhh Nabarro has broken JJ! Ooh, Rafa’s been given a birthday cake as well – a big chocolately one the lucky wee blighter.

5.36 pm: How fitting! Almagro forces Nadal back into the hospitality seats but the No2 keeps getting them back somehow. And then Almagro smashes into the net (though it was from the baseline – even when Rafa plays a desperation shot, it lands inch-perfectly on the baseline). 6-1 6-1 6-1. Rafa is unstoppable. Un. Stoppable.

5.34 pm: Lawks a-lummee. Nadal holds and then carves out two break, game, set and match points on the Almagro serve.

5.30 pm: And here’s a treatise on the name “Jelena” by one of the regularly posting Jelenas down below:

"- Name Jelena has its origin in the Greek name Helena, like beautiful Helena of Sparta who was the reason for the war between Sparta and Troy
- Name was very popular in Serbia until 10 - 15 years ago. When I was a kid, I had three class friends with that name. Because of JJ it is becoming very popular again
- Despite the rumors of Nole and Maria Sharapova being an item, Nole's girlfriend is also Jelena. He took her to Paris Disneyland on his birthday (can be found in his diary on his official web site. At the same site you can even find a photo of him and her taken shortly before Australian open)."

Excellent stuff. Very dobro, Jelena. Spassiba (oh hang on, that's Russian).

5.27 pm: Out come the ladies – Jelena Jankovic and Carla Suarez Navarro, both wearing turquoise which is a very “in” colour.

5.26 pm: Almagro is still trying to win every point and therefore hitting too many unforced errors. And there we go, 4-1 and Nadal to serve after the break. Almagro applauds his fellow Spaniard after the last winner. Poor guy.

5.20 pm: Go Djoker, go Djoker, go go go Djoker! He “bigs up” his opponent Ernie the Swan in his post-match interview and indeed, the Latvian was all smiles at the end, hugging his practice partner and wishing him all the best.

5.19 pm: Djoker wins!

5.18 pm: Gulb leads 0-15 but then a close call goes against him and it’s 15-15.

5.16 pm: In more Srpska news, Nenad “Ziki” Zimonjic and Katy “Serena-smasher” Srebotnik – the mixed dub No1 seeds – have beaten Gael “Frenchie in the quarters” Monfils and Dominika “Piper Perabo” Cibulkova. And wow, the Djoker has done a Federer on it. “What, you dare break me? I’ll break you back.” After the changeover, Djoker will serve for the match for the second time.

5.11 pm: The Swan has read my comments and given it his all this game. Two great passing shots and he leads 15-40. That’s carving. And then he puts a last-ditch backhand down the line and it’s 5-5!

5.07 pm: Out comes Nole to serve for the match. Over three hours and it looks like Ernie the Swan is going to lose in straight sets… Is this the most rain at RG that I can remember, I’m asked below? Yes it is. And we’re still perfectly on schedule. Isn’t that great?

4.57 pm: Nadal breaks. It’s hard to put into words how good a player he is, especially on clay. And he holds and takes the second set 6-1. Only four unforced errors, Three break points, took two – the man is ruthless. Ruthless I tells ya. Not an ounce of ruth… Totally ruth-free. Any readers out their called Ruth? Write in – the rest of the men’s draw needs Nadal to cease being ruthless.

4.52 pm: Almagro keeps banging down 200 km/h serves (that’s eight feet seven in old money) and they keep missing. 4-1 Nadal on the Almagro serve. The Swan carves out a break point but the Djoker saves, goes Ad up and booooms down a biggy. 4-2.

4.46 pm: The Djoker, played by Jack Nicholson, carves out™ two break points and takes the second. His compatriot, the luscious JJ Jankovic who smiled at me two days ago, had better get her shoulder etc warmed up – she’ll be on here soon at this rate. Djoker leads 3-2 and is about to serve.

4.37 pm: Yikes, break point Almagro. He then hits the line or so he thinks but it’s called out, the ump confirms it. Rafa’s whippin’ ‘em up on the forehand and backhand. Spitting cobras every one.

4.34 pm: Hello to everyone posting down below, including the first ever Ugandan poster. Nadal is on a higher plane. Almagro just sent him into the forehand corner and he Inspector Gadget-stretched his arm, wrapped his wrist around it and curled one onto the T of the base and tramline. Almagro punts one out next up and it’s 1-3. The less green of the two swishes and swipes at some invisible devil on court that is preventing him from playing…

4.26 pm: Gulbis nets an easy one and will now have to serve at 3-6. He serves (wide). Second serves, rally, Gulbis loooongs one and it’s 2-0. Slipping into a bit of a pattern there – the Swan loses his concentration in longer rallies. On Chatrier, Nadal breaks to lead 2-0. Almagro’s first serve is down to one in four…

4.25 pm: Djoker serving at 4-3 and Gulbis loooongs one. 5-3.

4.22 pm: Umbrellas are going up which puts Nole off his rhythm as he leans in to serve. He asks his mate Ernie if he wants to carry on, the Swan is ok with it so Nole serves, and holds. 3-1. On Chatrier, Rafa’s asking about the rain but they’re staying out. Backhand volley from Djoker and the Swan is serving at 1-4. Big serve. 2-4, changeover.

4.21 pm: Djoker holds a quickie and then mini-breaks a longer rally. 2-0.

4.17 pm: 6-1 in 26 minutes as Almagro tries to find the line but hits the trams. Poor guy. Hardly stands a chance, even though Rafa said he was one of the most dangerous opponents. He’s only managed one in three first serves. Rafa meanwhile had three break points and took them all.

Ooh, Gulbis fights and there’ll be a TB on SL (Suzanne Lenglen).

4.14 pm: 5-6, Gulbis to serve and we’ve been out here for two hours. He and the ump are still talking about something. He seems to want a new racquet – surely he’s got a few spares out there. New balls, which he signals to Djoker. Can the Serb do what he did last set and break at the death?

Almagro meanwhile is serving to save the set. He’s made 15 unforced errors, meaning that Rafa has only had to hit three winners. Who can blame him? You can’t out-defend and out-wait Rafa, you have to go for your shots…

4.12 pm: Nole breaks his racquet in frustration as Gulbis holds to make it 5-5. Never mind, it could be worse, he could be Neecolath Almagro, who is 1-4 down on Chatrier with Nadal serving. 15-0. 30-0. Inexorable.

4 pm: Djoker holds. A tight one this is and no mistake. Less tight however is the action on Chatrier – Rafa has been given three breaks points by Almagro for his birthday. And he breaks. Ooh, Gulbis is in a bit of a discussion with the umpire, it may be about the rain or about throwing his racquet.

Restart. Djoker drops, Gulbis drops even better and Nole stretches but hits it out. The Swan is the king of the drop and no debate.

3.57 pm: The Djoker’s shoes don’t have his name on but they are silver and shiny. They’re not helping him though – at deuce on his serve the Swan pushes him back then lays down another deft drop, on the volley this time, and carves out a break. Gulbis can’t take it and pings his racquet down, but being the polite boy that he is apologises instantly. Deuce again. The green goblins are at 1-1 at the moment.

3.55 pm: Rafa’s shoes say “Rafa” on them. To make sure he doesn’t lose them in the changing-rooms I presume. Or if some nasty oik steals them, his Mum can come and get them back for him.

3.53 pm: And then whoosh. Two backhand returns down the line and Nole has brokeback mountained it! 4-4, Nole to serve.

3.50 pm: The deftest of deft half-volleys wins a point for Gulbis at the net. 4-3 30-30 on his service. The battle of the greens is underway as well, Nadal wins the first point on the Almagro therbithio (sorry, service, I got all Ethpanish there).

3.45 pm: I’m incidentally annoyed with Misses Harkleroad and Voskoboeva as they eliminated lovely Aravane and equally lovely Sorana in the last round. Snif snif as the Frenchies would write.

3.44 pm: Those Bondarenkos are out there again and leading a set and 4-2 over Playboy Harkleroad and her partner Voskoboeva, who would probably pose for a similar publication if her name weren’t so complicated to spell.

3.42 pm: Djoker struggles but holds. 3-2 to the Swan and the Latvian has serve.

3.36 pm: Great scenes out there. Nole gets annoyed with himself and pings his racquet around. On the next point, he shanks a forehand waaaay high and encourages it, pushing with his hands to make it land in. It does, Ernests the Swan smashes but Nole returns. The Swan is at the net and volleys one that drifts, drifts, drifts but lands on the line. Ernests laughs embarrassedly, Nole grins. These guys are practice partners and get on like a house on fire (we’re allowed to mention houses on fire now that Schwank has been knocked out).

3.28 pm: Blimey, unseen by us as we raved over Ana, Ernests the swan has broken then held! 2-0 to open the second! Rafa – Neecolath Almagro next up on Chatrier. Felith Cumpleanoth obviouthly to Rafa, who is 22 today (so young, and yet so dominant on clay – amazing).

3.24 pm: Ad Ana and jeu, set et match ! We have our first semi-finalist (she’ll face JJ or Carla Suarez Navarro). Bravo Ana. 6-3 6-2. Patty battled but other than that last game, Ana was quick simply the far better player. Off goes Patty. Poor Peppermint. There was no living with her fellow Basle-resident today.

3.22 pm: Another double faute! Waaaay long. Ana is getting the yips…

3.21 pm: Double faute! Ad Patty. Meanwhile Nole looks at the sky and makes “I want to leave” gestures. Ana saves, deuce. Rain…

3.20 pm: 40-30, Patty’s hubby-coach sits there in his Gavroche cap and lilac tracksuit (I kid you not) resignedly. Patty saves. Deuce. Second serve. Rain.

3.19 pm: At 15-30 Patty changes racquets! And it’s raining cats and dogs all of a sudden. Maybe hopes wants to be saved by the bell. 30-30…

3.18 pm: Ana changes racquets at 15-15 in potentially the final game. Surely she could have taken her shoe off and played with that at this stage of the game.

3.17 pm: Patty holds but Ana is serving for the match. Nole meanwhile has just crossed himself – that break-point that he finally took was obviously a Godsend.

3.16 pm: The Gulb-meister saves a third set point with another booming serve. Djoker carves out™ another one and it’s fourth-time lucky. Game and first set Djoker after a Titanic battle. Djoker acclaims the crowd already.

3.13 pm: Set point for the Djoker. But it’s no laughing matter as Ernie “the Swan” Gulbis, to use his Sopranos name, booms a serve down. Another break point, another save after a deft drop that Nole can’t quite drag over the net. Patty meanwhile is serving at 1-5. Whoosh-mongous. Blink-and-you’ll-miss-it-tastic.

3.05 pm: Ana holds to love. Patty’s got her work cut out here… Ernests and Novak are at 5-5 – the Latvian swan isn’t flinching an inch here…

2.56 pm: Djoker comes to the net and smashes… into the net. He then regales the crowd by doing football-style keepie-ups with the ball as it bounces back off the net. 4-4. Patty saves a break point. She’s backs-to-the-wall here.

2.53 pm: Ana gets back to deuce, attacks and then lays down a deep forehand which hits the T at the junction of base and tramline. She celebrates with one of those ™ left-hand fist-clenched almost kiss the fingers jobs. You know the one I mean. And then she holds. Whooshka as the Aussies say. Any Aussies still awake and following? Post "Aussie Aussie Aussie, Drew Drew Drew" below if so. Otherwise I won't believe you.

2.51 pm: You go girl! Patty carves out three breaks points as Ana’s serve falters ever so slightly. Ana then serves big and drops, one saved. Djoker meanwhile serves an ace as an exclamation point to an easy service game but it’s still with serve on Lenglen. Ana saves another. 30-40.

2.48 pm: Ana breaks to love. Wow. Whoosh. Wicked. And other W words.

2.45 pm: Mansour Bahrami is on the French Wadio Woland Garros. And to celebrate that fact Ana serves out calmly to win. Patty had one break point in that set and took it but Ana dictated the pace otherwise. And why Peppermint Patty, someone asks me down below? She was a character in Peanuts (you know, Snoopy, Charlie Brown… No? Yeesh, I am getting old. Should I call her crabby Patty in homage to Spongebob fans?)

Gulbis and Djoker are at 3-3.

2.42 pm: The Djoker does some carving but the Swan saves. He carves again while Ana is busy carving on her court. And after a 20-shot rally which Patty dominates with some frighteningly accurate strokes she saves the break point. Incredibly rally. Patty is a great clay-courter and to see the way Ana is dominating her is proof of the Serb’s dominance. Patty holds, Ana to serve for the set at 5-3.

2.36 pm: By heck but Ana’s looking good out there (tennisistically obviously).

2.33 pm: The inexorable Ana breaks back, painting lines and sending Patty hither and thither. Patty turns and asks her coach (and hubby) what the heck she should do? Hmm… good question.

2.30 pm: Patty serving at 2-3. Her hubby and coach – he of the moustache, dyed blond hair and wacky taste in clothes – is of course in the crowd so we’ll do a fashion-watch on him shortly.

2.28 pm: The Djoker carves out™ two break points but Ernests comes to the net and saves the first with a drop that he takes at clay-level and curls over the net. A serve and volley later and it’s deuce. The Swan (it’s what Gulbis means in Latvian) holds to make it 2-2. The crowd is right behind him as the underdog (poor old Nole is barely out of his teens but is already the seasoned campaigner).

2.22 pm: Peppermint Patty is a wily campaigner and knows how to play against these young upstarts – don’t try to out-hit the, out-smart them. On break point she gets Ana into the net with a drop and then lobs her to perfection. Breakback mountain, Swiss-style. Djoker .v. the Swan (Djokovic .v. Gulbis for anyone just joining us) is going with serve.

2.19 pm: Ana grinds down Peppermint Swissy and breaks . Patty isn’t crabby (Spongebob reference there for all you yoot/kids out there) for long though as she gets to 0-30 on the Ana serve within a matter of seconds.

2.14 pm: The Djoker serves to open and throws a few big ‘uns down. One shot of his hits the net cord but Ernests “the Latvian swan” Gulbis charges in and slices a drop that is so slicetastic that it almost comes back over the net. Slice-alicious. Djoker holds though, while Ana is giving Patty the run-around on the Schnyyyyder serve.

2.10 pm: A big wrap / props / compliments to Elaine and it’s Drew-rew Lillosevic back in time to see Novak and Ana. And of course Hopp Suisse Peppermint Patty. Ana served and won the first at a canter and the Peppermint Lefty is looking to do the same in the second. Patty’s wearing that back-to-front track-suit top-type affair again, as befits the slightly chilly weather here today (Rocket Roget-type weather – pity he isn’t playing today).

2.00 pm: We’ve just caught a glimpse of Ernests and Nole sharing a joke as they walk the tunnel onto Lenglen, always nice to see. I reckon the Djoker will take this in four. Ernests is looking very cool and collected for someone facing his first Grand Slam quarterfinal.

1.56 pm: Drew’s favourite peppermint, Patty Schnyder is soon to appear on Chatrier along with Ivanovic...they’re both waiting behind the scenes…and out they come!

1.44 pm: A massive cyber pat on the back for Graham from the UK, Drew’s gone walk about but I reckon I have the authority to congratulate you, no? Btw, I hope you’re all enjoying the “one on ones” and “head to heads” with your favourite star players…I love reading the ones with Rafa simply for the fact that he puts “no?” at the end of each sentence...who would dare contradict you King Rafa!

1.42 pm: Jurikova has made a comeback against Botto, she’s serving for the second set at 5-1.

1.38 pm: Zheng wins two points in succession using the full breadth of the court (ah, the beauty of doubles!) and so she and Bhupathi stand one set up…and it’s Wassen to serve.

1.34 pm: As for Dutchie Wassen, he and his partner Razzono look set to drop the first set, it’s 30-0 at 5-2 as Zheng serves for the set.

1.22 pm: Hi folks, it’s Elaine here, just filling in to keep you up to date as Drew grabs a bite to eat. Happy birthday to Rafa indeed, I actually had the pleasure of bumping into him here as a spectator last year on his birthday and he was all smiles…maybe I’ll be lucky enough to catch up with him this year and have the presence of mind to whip out my camera! Will keep you posted of course. Not long to go before the Djoker gets today’s 1/4s under way. In the meantime, in the girls’ singles, The Peruvian Botto has taken the first set against Slovakia’s (and this time she really is Slovakian!) Jurikova.

1.10 pm: Ana and Patty will be out in less than an hour. Read the preview in the meantime.

1.01 pm: Don’t listen that much though as Yves has yet to accept me as a facebook friend so boo sucks to him. Hello to all my new facebook friends by the way. I think we need a “sign up a friend” campaign to get more people on “Drew Lilley’s Roland Garros blog” group – I’ll be at Wimbledon as well and we need to get the bandwagon rolling through the two weeks between the tournaments.

1 pm: Yves Allegro – good mate of Roger Federer – is about to go on Wadio Woland Gawwos so listen in, chaps and chaplettes.

12.57 pm: Davai Sveta! The athletic St Petersburgher wins in straight sets and will face KK Kaia Kanepi who beat Petra never Kvitova 6-1 in the final set earlier.

12.56 pm: Do matches that are carried over to another day have to be completed on the same court, I hear you ask. No, but generally they are. When it pours at Wimbledon you quite often get a change of court but they try to limit that to doubles or juniors.

12.53 pm: Kuzzie booms one down, 40-30, then double faults!

12.50 pm: Vika holds to love but big bold Sveta is about to serve with balles neuves, new balls, and I reckon this could be it. Balls are changed every nine games by the way, but since the warm-up counts as two games, they are first changed after the seventh game of any match. And after the matches here they are recycled as part of the French federation’s commitment to the environment.

12.40 pm: Sorry, Sveta was serving and she banged down her 10th ace to hold and then broke straight away to lead 4-2. This might actually be an advantage for Sveta (or of course Vika) – playing every day (obviously not three or five-setters) is what players prefer rather than having two days off – they all tend to find practice deathly boring which is why a lot of them enter the doubles – like Gael MySon Monfils, but I reckon that is just any excuse to cosy up to Dominika Cibulkova (and why not?!)

12.35 pm: Kerrilyn Kramer is chair ump-ing and Sveta and Vika are about to get under way. Kerrilyn has just explained the rules – best of 3, tie-break in the first two and all that for any newbies in the audience. In French as well – multitalented is Kerrilyn. And we’re under way. Vika is serving at 2-2, Sveta’s a set to the good.

12.20 pm: Hopp Srpska! G’oh Canada! Nestor and Zimonjic win 6-4 6-1. And with Ana, Jelena and Nole to come, it could be Roland Garrosevic today… Ah, great gesture from Nestor who gives his towels to the people in the wheelchair enclosure before tossing his sweatbands into the crowd. Hogenkamp meanwhile is a break up in her final set.

12.05 pm: Big Serbian flag in the crowd to encourage Zim. He and Dan Nestor are serving better than the Walloons and that’s the difference at the moment.

11.59 am: The draws for the wheelchair tournaments aren’t on line (to reply to a query below) as they haven’t been made yet. 4pm today.

11.56 am: Hogenkamp battles back (with a name like that, how could she not?) and almost bagels Canadian Marino. They’re into a final set there while the men’s doubles is 1-1 in the second after Nestor and Zimonjic (yet another great Serb) son the first 6-1.

11.41 am: And what was the catch? It was Esther Vergeer, wheelchair No1. A shame that someone of her talent (she’s swept all before her over the past couple of years) doesn’t even get recognised.

Nestor and Zim are a break up on Darcis and Rochus.

11.37 am: I have just seen the women’s world No1 queuing up for cash at the cash-point. And no-one batted an eyelid. The women’s No1. Who is also a stunning blonde and nobody batted an eyelid...

11.29 am: An incredibly tall Dutch girl called Hogenkamp is currently a break down on court 5. Just to prove to Marlies and Anniek that I’m watching.

11.06 am: The doubles-ers are out already on No1 court. Those battling Belgians Darcis and Rochus, who eliminated my hotel-mate Robin Haase, are facing No2 seeds Nestor and Zimonjic.

10.46 am: Morning morning morning, and a dobro jutro to all the Serbs out there! It’s all quality stuff today – Svetlana and Vika Azarenka will be up second to finish off their fourth-rounder on Court 1, then we have Gulbis and Djokovic and Schnyder – Ivanovic on Lenglen, and Carla Suarez Navarro – Jankovic and of course Almagro – Nadal. Those top ties begin at 2.

Oh and the weather of course. It was lovely and sunny this morning but it’s looking overcast now – same as every day before really.

Jen’s here already so post away folks, post away… Let’s hear your tips for today’s matches.

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