WWE ratings still lead the pack

Written: June 3, 2008

WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon made it a very Memorial Day for our fans watching Raw May 26, announcing the 2008 WWE Draft and that he's giving away $1 million.

There has been some discussion around Monday Night Raw’s Memorial Day rating. Let’s put all this into perspective. First, over the past 13 weeks (3/3/08-5/26/08) Raw has averaged more weekly viewers than during the first 13 weeks following the show’s return to the USA Network in October 2005.

Even with a lower than usual rating, on Memorial Day, Raw was the #1 regularly scheduled cable program in primetime among households. Raw also was the #1 program on all primetime television among Persons 12-17 and the #2 television program among Males 12-17, Males 12-34, Males 18-34 and Persons 12-34.

Raw’s lower rating on Memorial Day was not the exception. All of the major broadcast networks, with the exception of FOX, saw year-over-year household ratings declines on Memorial Day in primetime. CBS and NBC both experienced their lowest primetime Memorial Day household ratings in the last five years. ABC experienced its lowest primetime Memorial Day household rating since 2004. CW experienced its lowest primetime Memorial Day household ratings in the network’s history, and the lowest in five years compared to UPN and WB ratings.

With the unprecedented interest in McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania, we expect Raw to continue to drive ratings that are better than the rest on cable during the summer.