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The Automatic play The Viper Room

The Automatic added their names to the revered list when they played a packed out triumphant gig on the eve of the Warped tour in the U.S.

Watch it here!

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It's getting hot out here...

I can understand why Phoenix was named after a creature that keeps burning up. more >


Back to the grind

20.08.2007 We were back in the studio today for the first time in over two months. Over an hour was spent just dragging stuff out of the cupboard to get set up again! Then we had to go to Red Dragon to announce some competition winners, which took another chunk of time out of the day. Then we went into Martin's (our manager) office to sign one thing and ended up looking at photos of him as a kid.Funny, but not new songs! We did actually manage to get something done today, although it's been a fairly typical start to a session in the studio. Anyhoo, it's good to be back. Rob x