Toledo North Assembly Plant
4400 Chrysler Drive , , Toledo , Ohio , United States

Floor Space: 2.14 million square feet

Acreage: 200 acres

Products: Jeep® Liberty and Dodge Nitro

Employment: 3,408

Training Hours: 55,556 Hours (2005 Toledo North Assembly and Toledo Supplier Park)

Robotics: 608

Union Local: U.A.W. (United Auto Workers) Local #12

Plant History: The Stickney Plant was built in 1942 and acquired from Autolite in 1964 for use as a machining and engine plant. In 1981 it was converted for vehicle production building the Jeep Grand Wagoneer until the summer of 1991. The facility became the Toledo Assembly Plant when Chrysler Corporation acquired American Motors Corporation in August 1987. In the fall of 1997 a new plant was built for the production of the Jeep Liberty which launched in April 2001. The 2007 Dodge Nitro launched in August 2006 and the all-new 2008 Jeep Liberty in July 2007

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