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September 28, 1999
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What is the best card in Set 0?

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News & Updates
Card of the Day
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Wow! I'm still alive! Yes, contrary to common belief, I will be continuing to update this site. I have been very busy these past couple months, but expect me to be on the ball from now on =).

Today's Card Reviews:
Sleepy Grass

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I added this section to allow players to input the feelings they had on the current sets, the cards, the gameplay, and just about anything else.

The Current Articles:
Why can't it be like Magic?

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Dream Cards
Web Ring
All right! I'm starting to get a few deck submissions, so keep them coming!

Current Decks:
The Muldoon Deck
Trunks San's Deck of Disaster

E-Mail me if you want to submit a Deck.

Well, I tried out a few different looks, and I think I have it the way I want it. It looks a lot better than it was.

Current Dream Cards:
Chocobo Farm
Shinral Line of Command

Well, the web ring has a new look, click here to check it out. If you are looking to join, go here.

Recent Additions to the Web Ring:
My Ani-Mayhem Page

Contacting Me
Link of the Week

Aol Instant Messenger: gokutheman

ICQ: 15386564

E-Mail me with comments, suggestions, complaints, errors, food orders, or just to say hey!

Well, this is a new thing I'm doing. This is just a page that I feel has had a major improvement or is on a good pace to becoming a great page. This week, I choose a new page. Here it is:

Week of the Link:
Super Ryoga's Ani-Mayhem Page

Here's another new section that I have added. If you would like to win this award, fill out this form.
Here's what the award looks like:


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