Unconventional Warfare

also: 'The Ani-Mayhem Dream Cards from Hell'

These cards are for the most part based on the 'Mikado Ichiban' fanfic series; however, much like the Wildstorms CCG, there can be found a few from outside this universe. Unless specifically noted, these cards have been created by myself or Eric Jones.
If you have any comments, suggestions, etc., feel free to contact me.


Unique items and equipment
If a piece of equipment noted as 'Unique' is on the field, no other copies may be brought into play until it leaves play. Once a unique item is revealed, any duplicates subsequently discovered are immediately removed from the game (much like L5R's events). Items disposed of in this manner are not counted in determining victory conditions.

Disaster uniqueness
All 'personality' combat disasters (such as Largo, Kodachi, and Happosai) are considered unique: that is, if one is in play, any duplicates that show up through draws or scavenging are removed from the game without effect.

Card format:

Special abilities+
Flavor text+
+as applicable

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Chance S. Chekov
Military, Marksman, Streetwise, Survival, Driving, Investigation, Climbing
Lazarus Corporal
(+1 attack or -1 cost)* for all Shadow effects.
*declare one at start of game
"Excuse me? Who?"

Mikado Sanzenin
Student, Martial Arts, Seduction
+1/+1 in combat at any rink. Will not initiate physical combat with females.
"She will be mine, Chance..."

Hikaru Sanzenin
Tech, Genius, Investigation
"Actually, that equation is supposed to be..."

Student, Strength x2
Will not attack Azusa. If involved in a combat longer than 3 rounds, his next movement is random. Cannot be in the same party as Mikado; will attack him over any other target.
"Vengance will be mine, Sanzenin...!"

Cheerleader, Student, Acrobatics
Will not attack Mikado or Phrank.

Phrank Neryu
Student, Streetwise, Savoir-faire -1
Will not attack Josie.
"Being Phrank is my job! And I don't do a bad Mikado, either..."

Military, Streetwise, Marksman
Lazarus operative

(Military or Student)*, Computer, Tech, Investigation, Marksman
Lazarus operative
*declare one at start of game

Richard Apone
Military x2, Streetwise, Survival
Lazarus Sergeant
Once per turn, controller may look through deck for Combat Training and take that card into their hand. Deck is shuffled, cut, and replaced. All your Lazarus operatives may ignore Contradictory Orders as long as he is in play.
"I want this done quick, smooth, and by the numbers."

Kodachi Kuno
Climbing, Acrobatics, Seduction, Martial Arts
NOTE: This card replaces the identically-named Disaster. Will not attack (male Ranma or Chance; player must decide upon deployment).

Kachiko Bayushi
Savoir-faire, Seduction

Military, Martial Arts, Marksman, Computer x3, Tech x2
May Reflex Teleport (ala the flash effect) up to 3 times in any one combat. If her cybernetics are disabled, she loses one level each of Computer and Tech. These cybernetics are considered EMP-hardened.
"Yes, I can defeat large armies single-handedly, hack into the Pentagon computers in seconds, level buildings with a thought, but please, have a pizza."
Contact Xenara

Magic x2, Survival, Investigation
"Pockets of magic in a technological civilization? Interesting..."
Contact Ki

Dairu Bayushi
Streetwise, Savoir-faire
When using the 'Krait', Dairu ignores the usage restriction on its special ability.

Ryozo Hibiki
Tech, Computer, Communications, Savoir-faire, Survival

EQUIPMENT [back to top]

M41A pulse rifle/grenade launcher
Only usable by Police or Military characters. The (6) is the attack value of the grenade launcher. Gun has 6 uses between reloads; the GL has 4 uses.
"The most dangerous weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle."

Cellular phone
Allows user to 'call in' one extra player before a combat occurs. Character thus summoned must be able to arrive in one full move. Cannot be used if there are alredy 4 players in your party. 4 uses.

M56 smartgun
Restricted to Military characters. The attack may be split between 2 targets; ignores Night, Smoke, etc. 5 uses.
"The M56? Yeah, a spooky gun. Jesus, it's just too freakin' accurate!"

XM-32 sniper rifle
(Police or Military) and Marksman required. May be used to spot or attack characters and disasters at adjoining locations. Ignores Smoke, Night, etc. When a sniping attack (as in from an adjacent location) is carried out (as against a character using the -32 in regular battle), the sniper gets a combat card, but the target does not (if the target has one in play it is ignored for these purposes). 4 uses.
"Reach out, reach out and touch someone..."

Quick evac (Lazarus pager)
Allows party to escape from a battle, without the opponent getting a final attack. 4 uses; used as a flash effect. If any Lazarus members are on opposing team, it can't be used.
"Chance? I need out of here... Now."

Kevlar vest
Provides defense bonus against 5 attacks. Bonus is 1 against energy attacks and gunfire. Useless against area attacks.

NBC suit
Punctured and useless if the wearer receives 3 points of damage in a single combat round.

+1 w/all firearms
Also negates Smoke, Night, etc. Not combinable with M56 (which has its own sighting system)

Contragrav flightpack
Grants Flying.

Use in reaction to an attack; that attack now has only 1 in 3 odds of actually hitting the user. 3 uses.

UA-571C remote sentry
Deployed at a location; attacks all characters and disasters not on owner's secret exceptions list.

No damage; however, all attacks upon 'hit' character are at +2 for rest of round. Counterable by Smoke Bomb.

'Thundercracker' enhanced bokken
A character damaged by this weapon is at -1D (noncumulative) through the end of the next combat round. This ability is usable 3 times in any one combat.

Cryogen projector
Immobilizes target for 3 combat rounds; Fire Elemental characters take one point of damage per round. 3 uses.

M240 incinerator
A hit target will suffer one additional point of damage at the start of each of the next 2 combat rounds. Water Elemental characters take double damage. 3 uses.
"The incinerator rifles are hardcore, man; but only a certified crazy'd carry one." -anon. Marine

P-5000 powerloader
Grants Strength skill. User's movement may not drop below 1.
"I have a Class 2 operator's license." -Ripley

Balron-class recon hardsuit
Grants Flight. Includes decoy system (Holoprojector; 3 uses per combat), sensor array (works like Lisa Vanett's camera), and target designation system (GLD). Further, it possesses a photodiffractive field (all attacks on wearer are at -3 for next two combat rounds; 3 uses per combat). EMP-hardened.

The Ancestral Sword of the Scorpion
Considered to be The Broken Sword of the Scorpion for scavenging purposes. If weilded by any Bayushi, it grants a +4 bonus and an additional point of energy.

'Krait' enhanced ninja-to
Any character damaged by this weapon gains a venom token (-1 health). While that character has any venom tokens, any time (s)he performs an action (movement, scavenging, or engaging in battle) they gain another venom token. Cards that would normally heal this character instead destroy one venom token. The penalty imposed by a venom token is negated at the end of the turn in which the token is destroyed. This ability can be used twice between reloads.

Suru's Mempo
Comes with one token. Destroy this token to grant the wearer an attack bonus of +1 for each other character in his/her party; these other characters suffer a one-point loss to their base energy score (if this is already zero, the loss is taken in health; cf. Metroid). Both effects ast until turn's end; the token is regenerated at the start of the controlling player's next turn.

GD-42 battlemover
Carries 2 characters and all their equipment.

D.D. battlemover
Grants Strength.

Ryozo's umbrella
In any given round of combat, it can be used as an umbrella (use given modifiers) or a staff (+1/-). The latter form is capable of firing up to three shockglobes in a given combat (Attack 4).

ITEMS [back to top]

Ammo canister
Provides 3 reloads for M41A, M56, XM-32, or M240; discarded when empty.

The Broken Sword of the Scorpion
"You may have broken my family sword, but you will find my family not so easily broken." -Kachiko Bayushi

Black passcard
Overrides UA-571C or Lazarus facilities' autodefenses.

Ice skates
"Such grace, such form... truly we are perfection on the ice." -Mikado Sanzenin

Pit Vipers team jacket
+1 Charm

GoldenEye system key
"The world's greatest cash card. It had better not be rejected."

Optical systemry upgrade
Hardens a hardsuit or vehicle against the effects of EMP.

The Dragon Pearl
At any point in his/her turn the possessing player may choose to have the pearl become a duplicate of any piece of equipment (unique equipment included). The change is permanent, effectively destroying this item.

DISASTERS [back to top]

(D!) Bernard Alvarez
Special attack preference order: Chance, Kodachi, anyone carrying items, random. May pick up and use equipment requiring Military skill. May call down a mortar strike (ala the flash effect) every third combat round.
"We'll see now who's the better soldier, 'comrade' - once and for all!"

Enemy of Lazarus
'Tags' one character (Lazarus operatives excluded) at random, with the following effects: Lazarus operatives in other parties will attack this character when posible over any other target except a disaster. Operatives in the same party will not protect or otherwise assist this character. Cancels out effects of 'Lazarus consultants'. Duration: 4 turns. Moves once.
"No one crosses our path, and lives long enough to regret it."

(D!) Sniper
Kills a character carrying an item when uncovered, and immediately moves away with it. If no/multiple characters have items, one is slain at random instead.
"In. Out. End of story."

(D!) Biological agent
Moves once.
Upon being uncovered, infects all characters at site as well as anyone traversing or stopping there over the next 3 of revealing player's turns; it is then discarded. Infected characters deduct 1 from attack and health (not defense) values at the beginning of each turn subsequent to exposure; anyone reaching zero health is quite dead. Characters in NBC gear or hardsuits are not affected.
Neutralization requires 2x Medical; all involved characters forefit one turn. Health and defense values are restored to their original values at the beginning of the next turn.

(D!) Acheroni Queen
Two turns after killing a third character, this creature lays down an Acheroni Hive upon ending its movement. Will not move again until the associated hive is at 3 or lower 'health' for two successive combat rounds. Does not take items.

(D!) Acheroni Hive
Moves once. Attack and defense increment by 1 two turns after killing a character. Characters brought here by Acheroni Warriors are 'cocooned'; they will die, and contribute to the hive, if not rescued within four turns. Does not take items.

(D!) Acheroni Warrior
When this disaster bonks a biological character (as opposed to the likes of Armitage), it will carry that character to the closest Acheroni Hive. If caught and defeated before then, the character is returned to its controller's 'bonked pile' as per the rulebook. Does not take items.

Does no damage; however, will drain 1 energy point at the start of each of the next 4 combat rounds. If victim's available energy is below 4 the difference will be made up in actual damage. After the 4th subsequent round - or if it takes any damage during this time - it will leave the battlesite; at this point it moves just like any other disaster. All attacks upon it will inflict half normal damage; it must be frozen for damage to be inflicted normally... and this damage is split (round up fractions) with whoever it happens to be attached to. Will not take any items.

Military Police Line
Adds Military to skills required to access a location; duration 4 turns. Moves once.
"I'll need to see your identification."

(D!) Yautja
Always attacks the most powerful character it encounters, regardless of whether or not (s)he is carrying an item. Every third round, activiates its shiftsuit (-3 to attacks against it for this and the next round); those rounds during which this is in use are not counted. If it is ever at 1 health for two successive combat rounds, it triggers its self-destruct at the beginning of the third - three characters (combat disasters are counted for this purpose) - are subject to an attack of value 6.
If Acheroni are present, the yautja will ignore characters and attack them instead.
"There's something waiting for us, and it ain't no man..."

(D!) Boba Fett
Bonked characters are 'captured'; their rescue requires scavenging Fett's starting location (if he was drawn, this is the origin point for drawn disasters).

Dark Trooper
Moves to and attacks closest character. If Mohc is present on the Field, will immediately move to and ally with him.

(D!) General Mohc
There are two versions, only one of which may be in play at a time:

Version 1:
Played off Field. All Dark Troopers are +1/+2. Duration: 3 turns.
Version 2:
All Dark Troopers' defense values +1 as long as Mohc is in play.

(D!) GoldenEye
Computer x4 or Planetary to defeat
All vehicles and hardsuits at location rendered useless through end of third subsequent turn (does not affect EMP-hardened assets). Discarded after 3 firings.

Azusa Shiratori
Parenthesized AV is used if target character has Cynthia or Cute Dolly in their possession. Either of the above, or any two other items, may be discarded to neutralize her.

Interdictor field
The Dimensional attribute of characters and/or equipment cannot be used at this location. Also prohibits use of Dimensional Hammers and Mousse's special ability. Duration: 4 turns. Moves once.

(D!) Zankuro Minazuki
Will seek and attack the most powerful character in his movement range when uncovered; will attack the most powerful character of any party he encounters while moving.

(D!) Dark Twin
When uncovered, this Disaster duplicates all traits and basic attributes of a randomly chosen character in the scavenging party; if drawn, it mimics a random character within its default movement range. In the event that no characters are in range, it will move using its default movement value until it finds some.
"I'm Afura!"
I am! Shoot her...!"

(D!)Orochi Team
When defeated, this Disaster immediately takes one full movement and assumes the next set of stats.
Illustration courtesey Orochika

GLOBAL EFFECTS [back to top]

HH-60 medevac helo
Any of your characters killed in this battle are instead returned to your draw pile. 4 uses.
"Hang in there kid; everything'll be okay..."

Lazarus consultants
All your characters gain a +1 attack bonus and will not be attacked by Lazarus operatives.

C3I Network
All your characters with Military skill gain +1/+1. To play this card, you must have Communications x2 and Computer among character(s) in your haven; this card's benefits are only conferred while those characters remain there.

FLASH EFFECTS [back to top]

-2 to all attacks at this location. Only one of these cards may be played per location.

Chi vortex
All energy attacks (shishihokoudan, etc.) at this location have their costs raised by 2.

Spatial Inversion
Genius x2
Any or all of your characters at one location exchange places with a similar number of characters at another location. Considered a Dimensional card.
"Really, this is quite safe. After all, I did perfect the method."

Contradictory Orders
Play on an opponent; that player's Lazarus operatives may take no actions other than in self-defense until the end of your next turn.

Reflex teleport
Play as a reaction to an attack that connects; damage from that attack is reduced to 1 point. However, your AV is reduced by 1 next round.

Shadow Swarm
Shadow effect
Requires 2 energy. Attack value of 4 may be split as desired.

Shadow Phalanx
Shadow effect
Energy cost: 3*
Comes with two counters; when this character is attacked you may discard one to negate the attacker's combat card. Additional counters may be gained at any time during battle by paying one energy point per. If, at the end of battle, it has only one counter, another is gained free.

Shadow Retribution, phase one
Shadow effect
Energy cost: 2
Play as a reaction when a character is successfully attacked; damage is reduced to one point. Ineffective against area attacks.

Shadow Retributon, phase two
Shadow effect
Energy cost: 2*
Only playable immediately after phase one. This character may immediately counterattack with an attack bonus of 1, plus 1 per additional energy point expended.

Smoke bomb
Negates one attack, area attacks excluded.

Mortar strike
Target hit with AV 6 (may benefit from GLD bonus); two other, randomly chosen characters and/or diasters hit with AV 3.

You Only Live Twice
Play as a reaction when one of your characters is killed; that character is placed into one of your havens at the beginning of the fourth turn subsequent to their demise. This character keeps all enhancements, but loses all carried equipment and items. Can only be played once on any given character.

Decapitation strike
All opposing characters with Royalty (i.e. Tenchi) and/or noted as leaders (i.e. Sylia) present at battle are immediately bonked.
"I'm on the leader..."

You're mine!
Suspend combat in progress; choose one of your characters and one opfor character to engage in single combat. Opponent may decline duel, but their character's charm is 2 less than normal until the end of your next turn. Losing character and associates must leave location.

All vehicles and hardsuits at location immobilized for remainder of turn and entire next turn.

The Soul of Akodo
Play as a reaction when one of your characters with Charm of 3 or more or noted as a leader is bonked or killed due to the actions of a Combat Disaster or another player's character(s). This character is instead bonked or killed immediately after the end of the battle.
"A great man's heart can pump the blood of a thousand men." - from Akodo's Leadership

A Samurai Never Stands Alone
All of your characters in this battle gain an attack bonus equal to the number of opposing players involved. For these purposes, Combat Disasters collectively count as one player.
"With the spirits of his ancestors standing behind him, a samurai never stands alone." -from Akodo's Leadership

Orochi Blood Riot
Lasts 5 combat rounds. Subject character cannot attack with or protect another character; neither can (s)he use any equipment. In addition, should combat end before this effect's expiry the subject will attack one random character in his/her party for each round remaining.

Utilized just like the Reload flash effect; they confer their benefits until the weapon is again emptied or reloaded.

Hollowpoint ammo
M41A (gun), XM-32
Computed damage is increased by one point; however, 1 is added to target's defense value for figuring penetration.

Armor-piercing ammo
M41A (gun), XM-32, M56, Leon's Boomer Gun
Target's defense value is computed as 1 less than normal, as is damage.

Anti-chi munitions
Leon's Missile Gun, M41A (GL)
Provides an attack bonus equal to the target's current energy attribute.
[Alternate proposal: If target has used an energy effect in the previous combat round, this weapon gets an attack bonus equal to the effect's cost.]

LOCATIONS [back to top]

Lazarus' Tokyo office
(Savoir-faire x2 and Investigation) or Military x2 or any Lazarus agent
Attack 4 Defense 30
Usable as haven by Lazarus troops and allies.

Sanzenin Manor
Any Sanzenin or Chance or (Savoir-faire x2)

Kolkhoz High rink
Mikado or Cheerleader or Streetwise or (Martial Arts x2)

The Ruined Fortress of the Scorpion
Investigation x2 or a Bayushi
Defense 11
With Kachiko Bayushi and The Broken Sword of the Scorpion, use as haven.
"Surrounded by blackened earth, scorched by sorcerous reprimand, the ruined House Bayushi is the only testament to the once mighty Scorpion Clan."

Severnaya Space Weapons Complex
Military, Investigation x2
With Computer x3 and GoldenEye System Key, use as haven. As a haven, grants its controller the ability to, once per turn, take control of any satellite Disaster (Satellite Strike and GoldenEye). Note that only one such Disaster may be controlled at a time.
"At one time we thought it might be the ground station for a space weapons system codenamed GoldenEye..."

These are locations with a movement value. Are put on table after all static locations are placed; their movement is handled in the exact same manner as that of disasters (except, of course, mobile locations never leave the game). A mobile location, like a haven, costs one movement point to enter or exit; exiting will deposit you at the mobile location's current... well, location.

Arc Hammer
Move 8
(Investigation and Military) x2, (flying vehicle or Flight)
Attack 6 Defense 40
"There it is... the crown jewel of Mohc's ambition."

MISCELLANEOUS [back to top]

Adds 1 to a character's charm. All opfor characters must win a charm battle before attacking (does not affect disasters).
"Ohh, what a darling baby!!"

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