The Strokes get their asses kicked by a bunch of girls.

Magneta Lane - Dancing With Daggers
Posted by Editorial Intern on 24-May-06 @ 12:17 PM

[5/5] The term "brilliant debut" gets thrown around so much that you could be forgiven for ignoring it, but in the case of Canada's Magneta Lane, trust us: It fits. On their inaugural album, Dancing With Daggers, the all-female trio take the gritty edge of Pacific Northwestern riot-grrrl punk (e.g., Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill) and crash it headlong into both Jale- and Juned-esque dream-pop and the angular, post-Television rock of the Strokes. Factor in singer/guitarist Lexi Valentine's casual, deadpan delivery, and blend it with the raw production by MSTRKRT (a.k.a. Death From Above 1979's Jesse F. Keeler and his band's producer, Al-P), and you've got a solid, ferocious and, yes, brilliant album that sounds like it was recorded in one take in the middle of a grimy nightclub. (PAPER BAG) Marc Vera

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