December 1998. One family set foot on the newly formed Shireneko Island, and made themselves the rightful owner of the island. But 143 other families made their marks during the next four years and claimed the island as their own.
                 To settle this long score, a contest was held to determine which family will settle on the island. The contest was called Animé Survivor.
                 Of the 144 families who made marks on Shireneko Island, sixteen families, including the original familiy, passed the critera. Each family sent their own representatives to be contestants. These contestants were divided into two tribes: Sakura (always wearing pink) and Katsura (always wearing blue). They would be marooned for 39 days in Shireneko Island until two remain.
                 Sakura won on the very first immunity challenge, sending Katsura to Tribal Council. Despite Sakura winning the first two reward challenges, Katsura won the next two immunity challenges, forcing Sakura to give up two of their own on Tribal Council. But Sakura regained its strength, winning the two reward challenges and the last three immunity challenges. This left Katsura with four members and Sakura with six.
                 Here is the first six Survivors voted out of Shireneko Island (in order; colors indicate contestant's tribe):
  1. Otaru Mamiya, adventurer and fish vendor from Saber Marionettes J
  2. Hikari Yagami, student and Digimon master from Digimon
  3. Skuld, goddess and computer debugger from Oh, My Goddess!
  4. Sae Sawanoguchi, student and wizard from Magic Users' Club
  5. Gary Oak, Pokémon trainer from Pokémon
  6. Kagome Higurashi, student and archer from Inu-Yasha
                 By day 19, negotiations started and by day 20, the Sakura and Katsura became one. Yanagi was the name, red was the color, and Sakura tribal ground became the home base.
                 But on day 21...
  1. Kurapica, Hunter from Hunter X Hunter
                 ...was voted out because of the misuse of his chains to avenge his loss on the first individual immunity challenge, earning the ire of all of his tribemates.
                 For the next seventeen days, seven more people were voted out. These persons will for the jury. By day 39, two men from Sakura remained in the Yanagi tribe:
  • Leeja, student of magic from Akazukin Cha Cha
  • Son Goku, warrior and pilgrim from Gensomaden Saiyuki
                 Fast forward to the Final Tribal Council.

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