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Matt Stone (2005-11-15) Executive Producer
What was the inspiration for the Gingers attacking in last week's episode? En ingles..... It was basically just hitting all those horror movie moments. There wasn't one film in particular. Children of the corn maybe. We wanted to be vampires. gingers = vampires
I read from the last chat that you and Trey were planning on redoing Cannibal: The musical with a huge budget. What happened to those ideas? Please make it, or a sequel! We've been busy! I still think it's a good idea, but we have to figure out if we really want to take two years out of our life to redo a movie we've already done.
Will Stan and Wendy ever get back together? I don't know if stan and wendy will ever get back together. Their love is written in the stars, but this world seems to conspire to keep them apart. You know, that person that you KNOW that you are supposed to be with. That GOD wanted you to be with.... But then it don't work out... or maybe it will for them...
If Jimbo is Randy's brother, why do they have different last names? They are half brothers with different dads. I think that's the only way that works out right?
Have you ever used your fame for evil? Not many times, if you ask me. If you ask the Hollywood cheezmos that we had kicked off their table so that Trey and I could sit down with our friends, they might answer differently. But then I've gotten kick off a table by bruce willis before. And Twiggy from Marilyn Manson! So yes. Using fame for evil is a daily temptation....
What's with Family Guy? I wish I knew.
Why wasn't Conan mentioned as a famous ginger? I KNOW!!! We thought of that AFTER it aired. We just forgot that's all. Kind of lame. Should of put more thought into it i guess....
Will we ever get to see more of Princess? I don't know... We are kind of busy but if someone wants to put it on, we would be psyched. Maybe cell phone content!
Do you and Trey still have time to play music for fun, or do most of your musical efforts end up going towards the show? We don't really jam anymore. If "jam" was ever what you would call it. Now we focus on the ol' day job: Making TV.
If you or Trey have a cold and your voices are hindered, what happens when it's time to do voices/ADR? If we have a cold, we suck on a lemon... That usually will get your voice into shape temporarily. It's an old trick.
Do you have any ideas stored away for the final final episode of south park? No.... I don't know what that would be but we would have to do something special... That's a way off i hope anyway.... No se.
Will DVDA ever release a CD? DVDA hasn't really existed for about 5 years. So probably not. But just because I said that, maybe we will.
Has either of you read "A Confederacy of Dunces?" I see some Cartman in there. I read Confederacy of Dunces AGES ago. I think in high school. I don't remember it at all though. Cartman is omnipresent though. He is in all things.
Is Paris Hilton still trapped in Mr. Slave's body? Paris Hilton is ass deep in Slave. She is slowly finding her way out via 5th avenue, vegas, miami and london.
Would you rather have had Kenny's death in season 6 be permanent? No ... Kenny is kind of a prop sometimes, but he is an important part of South Park. It will always be at its heart a show about FOUR boys. We go off from there for a while, but its gravitational pull always traps us again.
What is the Underpants Gnomes' "Phase 2"? That's the joke! If i knew, I would know how to turn underpants into profit!
Where do you keep your jewgold? I only have half a bag of jew gold because my father is not jewish. Rabbinical law states that half breeds are only entitled to half a bag and they must keep it behind their balls. Unless they're a half breed girl and then they can keep it in their purse or other pre-approved gold container.
What happened to Tweek? Is he going to be featured in an upcoming episodes? Yeah! We gotta do something with Tweek! Ask and you shall recieve!!!!
What's with the new bus driver? Will he be a prop or maybe have some roles in some episodes? He is a prop at this point. But in the future....... no se.
What job would you most like to do if you where never part of South Park? Surf intructor..... Me and jolon caught some wicked waves in Costa Rica last summer. or NBA player for the Nuggets. Or a fucking rock star! With all the trimmings!
Will Jesus ever return? Or be resurrected? (It's been more than 3 days..) I have a feeling Jesus will come back. If you believe with all your heart..
I've talked to Mattt Potter recently about the BASEketball Actor's Cut. He gave me some info. on it. Do you guys still want to do it? A lot of fans would appreciate it. I think it would be a better movie. Seriously. I actually think Matttttttt Potter would do a great job re-editing it. He's a great editor. But alas, I think we may have to move on with our lives..........
If you were a tree, what kind of tree would be? A big fucking 7-foot tall black tree that could play in the NBA for the Denver Nuggets.
Can you tell Dian Bachar that he can crash at my house if he can't pay his rent? I just talked to Dian the other day..... But I don't where he is living right now. He is a very powerful man that Dian. Probably the best actor of our generation. I will tell him though, because sometimes rent is a difficult conccept for him.
Would you guys ever consider hosting SNL? HELLLLLLL NOOOO!!!! Way too much work. Also, me and Trey aren't really LIVE guys. We're more like hole up in an office for months at a time guys. They affered it too us right when South Park took off and Orgazmo came out and we said no..... Maybe with all that cocaine we would be okay....
Will you ever do "Asses of Fire" on DVD or in the theaters? We would do it, but who would put it out? I don't think Terrance and Phillip is what the market desires. Although I personally would love to see it....
What do you think of South Park slash fandoms? Never read any of it. Probably wouldn't like it. But never tried it so can't say....
Where is Chef? He's been taking a few shows off. We got so many characters now and so much we wanna do its hard to service them all. But Chef will be back soon.
Butters asks, Will you and Trey be in any of the episodes as guest stars? Too weird. We thought about it in this one episode, but we would have to come up with a way where it didn't look super lame self-promotional. Even though it would be exactly that, we wouldn't want it to LOOK that way
Do people such as the handicap, African Americans, Jewish folks, celebs, .etc ever come up to you and curse you out for mocking them? Have you ever been protested against in any way? Nobody comes up to us except fans. And they generally like our shit. So that's good. No group has ever really protested south park. That's the big lie that was sold to everyone way early on about the show. We kind of went with it cuz it was good for ratings, but the truth is that we've never been protested against in a serious way.
Will the boys ever get older? See fifth grade? We did the fourth grade thing and that was kind of a super goofy goof. Maybe no fifth grade. That was a bad year for me.
Since you are half Jewish what do you celabrate? Christmas or the Jewish holiday I don't know how to spell? I'm only ethnically Jewish. I grew up agnostic. I kind of half celebrate Christmas with my family. If I'm not with my family, I smoke a joint and drink red wine and watch football.
At what age did you lose your virginity, 17? How did you know? Wait a second.... Jenny?!?!
Will Mr. Slave and Big Gay Al have any kids? I think Slave and Al will adopt a chinese boy and name him Jerome and a little black boy and name him Cato.
What NFL football team(s) do you root for? Are you truely a Broncos fan, or are you a packer fan like me? Both Trey and I are Broncos fans. We grew up in Colorado so that's like in your blood and shit. I HATE the forty niners mostly because my friend Jason likes them so much. Trey likes the Seahawks too, I know.
What episode of South Park are you the most proud of? And do you think Professor Chaos will ever succeed in taking over South Park.. or the world? Professor Chaos will succeed someday. That will be a great episode. As far as the one I'm most proud of, I don't know. I really like certain episodes.... Like the anime show, the Terry Shavio show, the Lord of the Rings video store show, the Terrance and Phillip show, the Simpsons did it show.... Off the top of my head.
When you go poo, do you fold up your toilet paper or just crumple it up when you use it? Fold. Don't be gross. Crumpling is third world.
With all the talk about ending South Park in recent interviews, what caused you and Trey to renew your contract? It's the BEST job in the world and we still think it has some gas in the tank. Also, let me mention that NEXT WEEK WE ARE DARK... No new South Park the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Just so you know.
Why'd you get rid of those pre-show things on the first few DVD's? With the Indian guy and everything. My friend, a dude, is dying to know... how big is your wang? Warner Bros video stopped paying for them.. Basically in the beginning of TV shows on DVD, they needed something special to sell them with. IT was just star trek and South Park out in like 98 and 99. And the DVD took OFF and they didn't need them so they wouldn't pay for them. I mean production costs, not for me and Trey. Those things cost money and they didn't want to pay. As far as my wang, I'm in the lower percentile of magnum wearers.
Will Mr. Hankey be back? Will there be another Christmas episode ever again? Mr. Hankey will be back. Probably after burrito night. As far as an xmas episode, probably not this year.
When is the Cartman Gets An Anal Probe: Special Edition coming? I seriously can't wait to see the episode it was meant to be seen! That would be great. Maybe we can get lucas to do it!
What would you say you and trey's biggest goals and ambititons are with the show? To finish off with more episodes then the simpsons.... Let's see, they do 26 a year and already have 350 or so..... If they keep going for another decade which seems possible they'll have in escess of 600 shows..... Meaning if we do 14 a year for the next forty years or so we should have em..... I'll be 75 and we'll finally beat those motherfuckers!
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