Cedar Point News: WildCat closed after several guests were injured

WildCat closed after several guests were injured

May 22, 2008

The Sandusky Reigster

  A Cedar Point roller coaster remains closed after it became a little too wild for guests and caused minor injuries late last week.

Riders on the WildCat on Friday experienced what is known as a "roll back," meaning the train didn't make it up the lift hill and rolled back down, slamming into another train.

Nine guests were treated for bruises and sprains at a First Aid station in the park, and one was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center, a Cedar Point spokesman said.

"We closed the ride immediately, and it will remain closed until the cause of the incident has been determined," spokesman Bryan Edwards said.

He said ride mechanics continue to investigate the cause of the crash, but have no additional information at this time. The WildCat, a small steel coaster with a 50-foot lift hill, has been in operation since 1979.

Take a ride with the WildCat on YouTube.


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