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Beth Edmonds, our Director, has worked in the library since 1982 as Children's Librarian.  Beth's love of children and their literature has made the Children's Room a large, often boisterous, part of our library.  Beth became library director in October of 2005.  She is also the current Senate President for the State of Maine.

 Kay Haines, our former Director, has worked in the library since 1977. With her children,  she loves her time in their northern Maine camp.  She is filling in for Beth while the legislature is in session.

Vicki Lowe, Assistant Librarian, is a life-long Freeport resident and the backbone of Freeport Memories, our local on-line bulletin board on CoCoNet. Vicki is the person you talk with here in the library if you want the full picture of life in Freeport throughout its history.

Holly Elliott, Children's Room Assistant, knows the children's collection intimately.  She is the person to chat with about children's programming at the library.

Arlene Arris, Technical Clerk, is one of the welcoming people at the Adult Circulation Desk. Another long-time resident, Arlene, also does the overdue retrieval, so better be careful!!!

Elaine Schmidt is our Adult Circulation Clerk.   When she is not working at the main desk, she can be found processing new books or repairing older books to keep them in good shape.  Elaine also organizes our yearly book sale.

Belinda Stewart, replacing our greatly missed Sharon Davis at the Information Desk in the Adult area.  Belinda has been with the library for over 10 years.  Along with her duties at the Adult Information Desk, she is also the driving force behind our DVD collection, working hard to create on of the best movie collections in the area.

Joanne Libby, Children's Room Circulation Clerk, also coordinates our Interlibrary Loan program.  If you need to borrow a book that we do not own, stop down to see Joanne and she will process your request.

Lynn Bower, Lane Brown, Chris Colson, Hannah DeGrandpre, Maryallyn Dennison, Judy Krzywon, , and Cathy Wagner are all part-time Circulation Clerks, who provide much needed coverage of the desks and know right where to find whatever resource you need. We couldn't run the library without them!

Helen Fournier is our hidden asset that no one sees.  She is the dynamo that keeps this building looking beautiful and spotless.

We are fortunate to have great workers who love books and libraries helping us all use the library to the fullest. 



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