LST 1138
aka   USS Steuben County
Years 1952 - 1955
Duty officer at the gangway
Photo by Capt RA Mcclean
Engineering officer and
Chief Red Gartin consulting
Photo by Capt RA Mcclean
Chief Gunny Jonnie Hall on
board Apr. 49 to Jun 50
seated 3rd from right front
w.  This photo will not enlarge
Photo by Allen Hall >>>
LST 1138 at Iwo Jima in 1956
Photo furnished by ccbenton It is a beauty
USS New York ( under construction )
Amphibious Transport Dock- LPD 21
Picture sent to me by Tom Schmidt
The Wikipedia says that
the USS New York has
steel from the collapsed
WTC built into the " stem
bar " at the bow. The
previous ship that used
the name was the
Battleship BB 34 which
had its keel laid on
September 11, 1911  >>>
Ship Motto is
" Never Forget "
USS Manchester ( Cruiser )
shelling Wonsan Korea >>>
Photo by Capt RA Mcclean
This picture was taken from.                                           
dated July 11, 2007 which is a valuable source of
information that is not contaminated by liberal lingo. This
specific article  "
Moving forward in Iraq " by Kimberly
Kagan is very positive and deserves more attention than
the media will give us.