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Carmella Cammeniti

Carmella Cammeniti

She´s been the spoilt daughter of the local mafioso, a magazine editor, the subject of a stalker and a nun. Now Carmella faces her most challenging role yet.

Carmella is the youngest daughter of local mafioso Rocco Cammeniti. She grew up spoilt and sheltered from the real world, which made her a force to be reckoned with as soon as she was old enough to break free of her father´s influence.

When she expressed an interest in seeing life in the raw, Rocco arranged for her to work a few shifts in the pub owned his good friend Lou Carpenter. He assumed that by setting it up, he would still be able to control the situation. He hadn´t counted on his precious daughter falling for her cheeky Irish colleague, Connor. Warned off by Rocco, Connor tried to avoid her, but Carmella was used to getting what she wanted. When her father found out what she had been getting up to, he packed her off to a finishing school in Italy.

Returning months later, she made a bee-line for her old flame. Unfortunately Michelle Scully, another of Connor´s exes, had the same idea. Carmella was not a gracious loser and gave her rival a good slapping before leaving again.

In true mafia style, the next time Carmella appeared she had only one goal: revenge. She hired Connor to work for her and teased him for weeks, flirting outrageously but pretending to have a boyfriend. When the truth came out, she explained she had just wanted him to know what it felt like to have a broken heart.

Their rekindled relationship hit a rocky patch when it looked as if Connor would lose access to his beloved daughter Maddy. Carmella´s mother´s warnings that she would always come second to his child seemed to be coming true. However, when Maddy´s mother Lori agreed not to move away, Carmella seized the opportunity to bully Connor into letting her move in to No. 30 and she became a Ramsay Street resident.

However, everything went wrong when Carmella became the victim of a stalker. Although both she and Connor survived Frank´s attacks, she was left emotionally scarred by the experience. When news broke that her tormentor had been granted bail, she went after with him a shotgun. Connor only just managed to stop her in time. She had counselling and decided to leave Erinsborough for a while to get her head together.

Once again, when Carmella came back, she had competition for Connor´s affections. This time she was the one that got slapped when Serena´s mum Lil took exception to her manipulative game-playing. Carmella offered Connor the $50,000 he needed for Maddy´s ear operation. As planned, the loan led to problems with his girlfriend but Carmella began to feel horribly guilty. She disappeared, insisting that Connor should stay with Serena.

It wasn´t until much further down the track that it became clear just how Carmella had raised the money. Mistakenly believing that she was helping several people with the one dodgy deal, Carmella sold her young cousin Teresa´s baby.  Wracked with guilt over what she had done, Carmella entered a convent but no matter how much she tried to atone, it became clear she couldn´t hide from her past. After a brief stint as a nun, she was forced to kick the habit.

Teresa took her own revenge by throwing a pan of boiling water at Carmella, hideously disfiguring her beautiful face. Buoyed by the support of her hunky housemate Will, Carmella came through reconstructive surgery and started to believe her life was back on track… until Will disappeared without warning. When Will´s older brother Oliver arrived to apologise for his wayward sibling, Carmella realised that perhaps Oliver was the man she was meant to meet all along.

Their budding relationship was torn apart by Paul Robinson who had been hoping Oliver would fall for Elle. True love eventually overcame the Robinson obstacles but Elle, Oliver and Carmella have remained locked in an uneasy love triangle ever since.

When the stress of her relationship combined with the pressure of running her own fruit and vegetable business, Carmella began to suffer from insomnia. She sought the help of dodgy doctor Charlotte Stone who prescribed medication. Given completely the wrong advice, Carmella got addicted to the happy pills and her life began to spiral out of control… culminating in an ill-advised relationship with Frazer´s little brother Ringo.

Just as Carmella began to get her act together she discovered she was pregnant. Although Oliver vowed to support her and the baby, Carmella steeled herself for life as a single mother. Looking to expand her business online to ease the physical strain of work, she got a surprising offer of help from Marco Silvani, the attractive son of one of her suppliers.

Egged on by Rosie, Carmella slowly allowed herself to get involved with Marco and he was an invaluable support when baby Chloe was born prematurely. Despite the revelation that Marco couldn´t have kids of his own, Carmella declared that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. They´ve now moved into Number 24 and are preparing to build a happy home for Chloe… just as long as they can keep frustrated father Oliver under control.

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