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Historic buildings

Liverpool, as a great maritime city, has an immense wealth of fine architecture. It has over 2400 Listed Buildings and has the UK's largest number of listed buildings outside of London.

St George's Hall
St. George's Hall is a Grade 1 listed building and was first opened in 1854. Built to provide a civic hall and assize court for Liverpool, the hall is the finest example of neo classical architecture in Europe, if not the world.

Today, St. George's Hall is as visually stunning and as magnificent as ever. It continues to look out over the cultural quarter of Liverpool with dignified and majestic grace, hence its description as 'The Jewel of the North'.

Visit the St George's Hall website for more information.

The Three GracesThe Three Graces are the three prominent buildings adjacent to each other on the Liverpool waterfront.

  • Liver Buildings
    The Royal Liver Building was designed by Aubrey Thomas and was erected in 1910. It was one of the world's first multi-storey buildings with a reinforced concrete structure. The two main clock towers are surmounted by domes on which the world famous Liver Birds are perched.

  • Cunard Building
    The Cunard Building was designed by Willink and Thicknesse, and was constructed between 1914 and 1918. Its design is influenced by the grand Italian palaces, but it also contains some neo-classical and Greek Revival features.

  • Offices of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board
    The Offices of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board was designed by Aubrey Thomas and was completed in 1907. Its overall design is symmetrical and internally an eight-sided hall reaches right up to the dome. It is distinguished by its central domed roof feature, and has copolas at its corners which reflect the central dome.       


Walk of Faith (PDF [1.2Mb] opens in new window) leaflet has been produced which will take you on a trail of key buildings of worship from the great religions including; Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

  • Anglican Cathedral
    The Liverpool Cathedral Church of Christ, or Anglican Cathedral, is the largest cathedral in Britain and the fifth largest in the world. The cathedral was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. Work began on the cathedral in 1904 and was finally completed in 1978.

  • Metropolitan Cathedral
    The Christ the King Cathedral, also known as the Metropolitan Cathedral, was designed by Sir Frederick Gibberd and was consecrated in 1967. Work actually started on the cathedral in 1933 based on a design by Sir Edwin Lutyens, but Lutyen's ambitious design was abandoned because of the outbreak of World War Two and financial problems.