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Sony Magazines Deluxe (January, 1999)
The Japanese Crash-guy-in-the-suit is perhaps bigger in Japan than ours is here in the U.S. On this magazine cover, Crash is touting Sony's new enhanced memory card which can actually download mini-games from PlayStation games. The Japanese version of Crash Bandicoot 3 is one of the first games to support this new peripheral.
PlayStation Gamer (January, 1999)
Proving that Crash and PlayStation's worldwide popularity continue to grow in '99, Crash appears on the first cover for a new Australian PlayStation magazine.


PowerStation (January, 1999)
As Crash Bandicoot: Warped rides high on the U.K. sales charts, Crash nabs the cover of this popular tips-and-tricks magazine.
M6 PlayStation (January, 1999)
One of our last renderings for the third Crash game is the first cover of a new French PlayStation magazine.


PS Extreme (January, 1999)
Crash Bandicoot: Warped races to the front of PS Extreme to earn Action Game of 1998. A layered variation of this image appears on standees in video game retailers across the nation.
Official Australian PlayStation Magazine (Jan., 1999)
OPM made sure this image found its way around the world. Not surprisingly, Crash is incredibly popular in the land of bandicoots...perhaps moreso than the real deal.


Official U.K. PlayStation Magazine (December, 1998)
One of Naughty Dog's best Crash covers came by special request of U.K.'s OPM. At first we weren't too enthusiastic about depicting Crash in a hip hop manner, but the resulting image won us over.


Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine (December, 1998)
Sony's Crash guy-in-the-suit advertising campaigns have been wildly successful in the United States... enough so that even Pizza Hut has chosen the suit guy to promote their "stuffed crust pizza." It came with little surprise that this Crash would appear on his very own magazine cover.
Official German PlayStation Magazine (Dec., 1998)
Crash flies over Europe to arrive on the cover and demo CD of Germany's OPM.


PlayStation Power (October, 1998)
Crash surfaces on the cover of this Italian magazine. Oddly enough, this image closely resembles one appearing on PlayStation Power's English equivalent.


PlayStation Power (September, 1998)
This cover came as a surprise. Naughty Dog didn't render this. We're pretty sure Axiom wasn't involved. Someone must have modeled their very own 3D Crash, complete with scuba mask. Regardless of who created the image, we're pleased to see Crash on the cover.


Superjuegos (September, 1998)
Crash warped on to the cover of this Spanish gaming magazine. The Cortex Sphinx appearing here was eventually re-rendered for the background of the European Crash 3 box.


Game Developer (August, 1998)
This image was specifically commissioned for Game Developer magazine. Interestingly enough, the featured cover story about "Next-Generation Character Animation Tools" does not mention Crash or Naughty Dog in any way, shape, or form.
Business Week (June, 1998)
Here's more proof that Crash has hit it big...that even the business world identifies Sony by our favorite orange marsupial. Mascot or not, Crash's impact on the interactive entertainment industry cannot be denied.


Official Spanish PlayStation Magazine (Vol. 20, 1998)
Sometime during 1998, Crash swam across the cover of OPM in Spain.


PSX Fan (Vol. 4, 1998)
Crash dives on to the cover of this PlayStation fan magazine from the Czech Republic.


PlayStation Magazine (May, 1998)
Our first cover for Warped was specially commissioned by PSM, and hand painted by Bob Rafei, one of the Naughty Dog artists. Unfortunately, Bob found out about the cover 33 hours before the deadline. After painting the entire 2x3 foot canvas in a single 22 hours sitting, and 8 hours of digital scanning by a profesional shop, he had 3 hours to get it to San Francisco. We just made it... and this is the result.



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