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Dangerous Deliveries

Reported by: Cait McVey
Videographer: M. Wickham
Last Update: 5/21 9:56 pm
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Josh Pasquariello has been delivering pizzas for about five years now. On a good night, he'll make about 15-20 stops.  But, there's one place he won't be going to: the Mont Pleasant Area. Two years ago, I Love New York on Union Street stopped delivering to certain neighborhoods where drivers didn't feel safe. Pasquariello says he was one of the drivers who pushed for that policy, after a particularly suspicious incident. He says the lights of a house were turned off as he approached, and a voice from inside an upper level window asked him to come inside.

"I just felt it wasn't safe so I turned around to my car and brought the food back. And we just don't deliver there anymore," says Pasquariello.

Last night, a delivery man from Chubby's pizza was robbed on Maplewood Ave in Mont Pleasant. Police say the suspects threatened the driver with a tazer gun, then took his money, cell phone and food. While the driver wasn't injured, it could've been much worse. Back in November of 2000, a Dominos delivery man was beaten to death after being sent to an abandoned apartment in Yates Village.

Jon Camaj, owner of Pizza King in Schenectady says after that incident he stopped delivering all together.

"I will not deliver there. I don't care how much money you offer me I won't deliver there," says Camaj.

Pasquariello says he'll keep delivering for I Love New York. But, he says he's thankful he doesn't have to go into those troubled neighborhoods. Though, they still get the calls.

"I feel bad for the good people that want to order food," he says. "There's just a few bad ones out there that ruin it for everybody."

Police are still investigating last night's robbery. The suspects are described as nine black males between the ages of 18 and 22 years old. If you have any information, you are asked to call the Schenectady Police Department.

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